Ibiza style: Lash by Jayne – Queen of lashes

With over ten years’ experience under her stylish belt, Ibiza’s undisputed queen of lashes, Jayne Brami – founder of Lash by Jayne and an Advanced Lash Artist, Trainer and Professional Deluxe Eyelash Extension manufacturer – is, as usual, one step ahead of the pack when it comes to offering the latest lash technologies in 2018. Working all year round in Ibiza, her summer season is already in full swing, with many of the fab flutters you see on Ibiza’s beaches, dance floors and VIP areas right now a testament to her skills.

Having seen the lash industry evolve exponentially over the last decades, the desire to raise standards has always been important to Jayne – in fact, this was the catalyst that pushed her to develop her own five-star premium brand and range of cutting-edge products. Tired of working with heavy, clumsy lashes that created a less-than-natural look, Jayne engineered a new phase in lightweight lashes with Premium Velvet Lashes, in addition to developing the safest EU standard adhesive.

With no fear of heavy clumps weighing your lids down or destroying your natural lashes, these revolutionary new products, coupled with Jayne’s extensive industry experience mean you won’t just be sporting a longer lash, but also a longer lasting lash. As your natural lashes continue to shed as they should, around every six to eight weeks, regular top-ups (every three to four weeks) are recommended to keep your flutter looking full, fresh and fabulous. Jayne also stocks M2 Beaute – the ultimate brand for eyelash and eyebrow care – to support and enhance the natural lashes throughout the process.

Jayne is not simply an industry professional, but also an artist and a forward thinker, when it comes to using and developing incredibly advanced techniques. Not content with offering her clients Individual Lash Extension and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions – where between two and eight lashes are applied to each natural lash – this season sees Jayne offering the latest innovation in beauty; Russian Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions. Between eight and twelve lashes are applied to the individual lash to create a beautifully light, feather-like fan across the eye, creating a look that’s a naturally striking masterpiece and uniquely designed to suit each client’s eye shape.

Jayne’s expertise comes into force from the minute you step through the door of her bright San Jordi studio for a consultation. She considers your face shape, eye shape, natural lash placement, plus length and fullness of existing lashes before recommending the length, curl and volume of lash extensions needed, then the artist’s work begins. In addition to her studio, Jayne is also available for private call-outs to villas, boats and hotels, however the ultimate experience takes place in-house, where even the temperature and humidity are controlled to guarantee the best application. Some clients find the experience so relaxing, they’ve been known to take ‘lash naps’!

At first thought, you may presume Jayne’s client list is all females, but you’d be mistaken. In fact, Jayne says she’s seen an increase in the number of male clients over the past year, often asking for subtle extensions and added volume to accent their existing lashes – a natural progression from manscara! Male, female, gay, straight – absolutely everyone is welcome at the Lash by Jayne studio all year round, which is ideal for residents who wish to keep a full flutter throughout the cooler months, and a great excuse for an off-season mini-break for those clients who live abroad. The studio’s convenient location – just minutes from the airport – make it the ideal pit-stop after picking up your luggage, so you can continue onto whatever Ibiza adventures await in style.