Limitless Ibiza Retreat – Accelerated Conscious Evolution

Integrated healing specialist, evolutionary leadership coach, international speaker and best-selling author Christof Melchizedek brings his Limitless Retreat concept to Ibiza in May (May 30 – June 6). With only a limited amount of spaces available, via application only, the retreat is now open to applicants looking for a direct experience with higher dimensional healing and the spirits who work on those level. Not for the faint-hearted, the experience is nothing short of transformational.

What is the Limitless Retreat? Limitless Ibiza is a seven-day personal transformation experience, with the focus on raising your vibration, and expanding your consciousness. It works by energetically re-wiring your bio-energy field through healing ceremonies, personal process, workshops and activations that create dramatic permanent changes in your life by upgrading and changing your internal reality.

Who is Limitless Ibiza for? It is for committed people who are interested in accelerating their consciousness, and wish to explore themselves as a multi-dimensional beings and actually create change in their lives. It is for people who are ready for to explore who they truly are and step into their highest potential – those who are prepared to do real transformational work on themselves.

What skills and knowledge will I acquire? You will develop advanced spiritual science understandings of your MIND-BODY-ENERGY triad through exploring nine keys that unlock seals in your consciousness.  You learn tools and techniques to implement these understandings into your daily life, and actively explore and clear old wounds, blocks, karmic imprints, fears and triggers keeping you locked in place.  You will explore yourself as a being in a 15 dimensional reality and learn to access all aspects of yourself to create from this place with out limits.

What is a typical day like on a Limitless Retreat? You will enter into a daily yoga practice, form sharing circles, begin clearing old layers and wounds, attend advanced workshops, eat beautifully prepared organic food, experience five sacred healing ceremonies and be upgraded and infused with powerful higher dimensional energy.

What results will I achieve? After attending Limitless Ibiza Retreat you will have cleared old wounds, blocks, ancestral karmic imprints, and distorted subconscious programming. You will stop reacting automatically to people and events that previously triggered you and will begin operating from a default state of being CLEAR, CONGRUENT, and ALIGNED. This allows you to attract new people, potentials, opportunities and realities in alignment with your soul purpose and highest potential to be drawn towards you, thus accelerating you on your soul path.

Click here to read more about the Limitless Ibiza Retreat on White Ibiza or email for more information or to apply for your place.