Acudetox at MedSpa Ibiza

With the new season at Ibiza wellness clinic MedSpa Ibiza comes the introduction of the latest cutting edge health and wellbeing treatment to the 2016 menu. One such treatment is Acudetox, a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques, acupuncture, TuiNa massage and cupping to deliver a full body detoxification treatment.

“I find the combination of massage and cupping with acupuncture far more superior to acupuncture alone,” says Acudetox therapist Katherine Berry, who developed the combination treatment system back in 1995 while studying for a Bachelor Degree in Chinese Medicine at the highly renowned University of Technology in Sydney (Australia), followed by clinical placements in hospitals in China for the very best hands-on experience she could get. She goes on to explain that the theory behind Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on a complex system of channels that run all over the body, and she uses TuiNa massage to activate all of these channels.

“These channels provide important and useful diagnostic information,” she says, identifying blockages through hot and cold areas on the body such as inflammation, tightness, pain and more. “By doing massage prior to acupuncture, I can glean a huge amount of clinical information to be able to better plan my point selection.” She also points out massage offers instant relief for many problems, while the following acupuncture treatments are more subtle, slow-release results for the long-term.

The cupping that accompanies the acupuncture is proven to be a wonderful way to detoxify the system by drawing blood and lymphatic fluid from the organs to the skins surface (a ‘sucking’ motion that causes the telltale physical results in the form of circular red marks after the treatment). “This fluid contains pathogens such as bacteria, yeast and fragments of viral DNA,” Katherine explains. Once at the surface, the immune system is able to effectively eliminate them.

Bringing Katherine Berry onto her island team of professionals was a logical choice for MedSpa Ibiza founder Nina Peter-Väth, who had experienced first-hand the healing benefits of her signature treatment. Hailing from Sydney, with education crossing countries to include Australia and China, plus holding respected roles in the acupuncture community in both the USA and UK, Katherine’s attraction to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza originally came through her research into drug and alcohol addiction, however like many wellness therapists and medical practitioners, once she visited the island for herself, she fell in love with its energy and beauty, finding it the perfect place to live and practice.

So who is Acudetox suitable for? The treatment can benefit a variety of health and wellbeing issues, from anxiety and depression to insomnia, lethargy and pain (many symptoms also associated with withdrawal during drug and alcohol rehabilitation). In addition, migraines, back pain, and chronic pain can also benefit from Katherine’s healing hands, high quality stainless steel needles and shiny glass cups. In addition to relieving pain and stress, treatments also restore energy, help you sleep well and supports healthy brain function. In a sense, it brings you back to life.

Treatments take place over a 75-85 minute period, and Katherine is in high demand, so early reservations are essential to ensure you can be treated during your time in Ibiza.

Photography by Iwo Gospodinov