The benefits of Vitamindrip IV vitamin therapy

Sometimes, life just catches up with you. That moment when you finally walk through the door and you feel tired, not just in a regular way, but right down into your bones. Or when you get to the end of a particularly indulgent Ibiza holiday and your body feels sluggish and overburdened, or you’re just not quite feeling and looking your best self despite exercising and eating well. More often than not this is due to some kind of deficiency the body is coping with, which is almost always accompanied by systemic dehydration; the major culprit of exhaustion and premature ageing.

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to start feeling better and to give your body that extra boost is via IV Vitamin Therapy. MedSpa Ibiza is the only clinic on the island that has exclusive use of the acclaimed Vitamindrip range of intravenous therapies. Within the space of about half an hour you can be looking and feeling fab, either from the comfort of your villa, hotel or yacht or at MedSpa Ibiza’s chic and discreet clinic in Marina Botafoch.

The process is very simple. MedSpa Ibiza’s specially trained staff consult you on your symptoms and goals before suggesting one of the three basic vitamin therapies and additional nutrients and minerals that can be added for a tailor-made treatment suited to individual needs. The IV is then attached and all you have to do is sit back, relax and let all those essential nutrients absorb into your bloodstream. You’ll see and feel results almost immediately.

The three basic Vitamindrip models take into consideration the most common issues caused by busy modern lives.

Vitamindrip Hydration is specially designed to fully rehydrate the body from the inside out, replenishing electrolytes and vitamins that are lost throughout the day, especially after strenuous activity or times of stress. Professional athletes especially covet this formula.

Vitamindrip Recovery is a boost of super hydration with the added benefits of antioxidants. It’s an excellent treatment for tired and dull looking skin, promoting collagen production and ridding the body of toxins.

The third formulation is Vitamindrip Energy. Designed to reenergise the system and combat fatigue, it’s especially good to take before or immediately after stressful periods or experiences. Each formula can be adjusted with extra nutrients so you receive the maximum benefit.

The concept of intravenous micronutrient therapy is not actually a new one, though traditionally vitamins have always been administered orally or via muscular injection. Both these methods result in the nutrients and vitamins becoming diluted by the processes of the body. IV Vitamin Therapy bypasses these systems meaning that all essential micronutrients, vitamins and minerals are delivered directly to cells via the blood stream.

In the late 1970s a physician from Maryland, Dr. John Myers, created the first known IV therapy for his patients known as the Myers’ Cocktail. Since then other practitioners have refined the process to create high concentrations of critical nutrients that can treat a variety of symptoms. Now Vitamindrip has refined the process further creating specialised formulations making it easier than ever to feel and look great.

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