Transformational coaching and retreats: Natalia Faeh, ILA Academy

Ibiza has long been known for attracting the rich and famous, the party people and the laidback hippies, the beauties and the beasts. But as the island’s reputation as a beautiful all-year-round escape begins to swell, there’s a new crowd being wooed to our shores in the winter months; namely, business leaders, entrepreneurs, financiers, thinkers and doers in global economy. Leading the charge in helping to attract such cosmopolitan and metropolitan people is Natalia Faeh, inspirational speaker, life coach, self-development and transformational trainer and founder and CEO of ILA (Influential Ladies’ Alliance) and ILA Academy.

Natalia was born in the Ukraine, and moved to Switzerland at an early age, and has lived and worked in fast-paced industries in big cities all over the globe, including the world of high fashion in Milan and New York. She first visited Ibiza 20 years ago, as many people do, for a brief summer holiday, and over the years that followed the island worked its magic on her, and she began to spend more and more time here, eventually investing in a holiday home and returning in the winter months.

Ultimately Natalia came to the realisation that despite regularly changing her ‘home’ location for work, Ibiza was her true home, the one constant in a busy life. “I realised Ibiza was my love, my spiritual home and a switch went on in my head,” she says. “Over the years I have been seeing the island evolve and I created my retreats and trainings so I could actively participate in this evolution. People will often say to me, “Ibiza? Isn’t it all parties and crazy?’ and I want to help change this perception, and show them the amazing energy and the beauty of the island while helping others to achieve their goals.”

Today, having moved away from the corporate world and fashion industry, Natalia is best known for her work with Influential Ladies’ Alliance – an organisation dedicated to building a global support network for like-minded women around the world. Think inspirational leaders from a variety of fields and industries including the arts, science, academia, media, philanthropy and many more.

An extension of the brand is the ILA Academy, an educational platform to help people realise their personal and professional goals. ILA Academy focuses on entrepreneurship, leadership, communication and relationships, spirituality and wellbeing via seminars, lectures and retreats, with special courses designed around creating a lifestyle business. Natalie herself is the perfect example of the success of her teachings – by choosing to base herself between London and the island of Ibiza meant Natalia could create a ‘lifestyle business’ travelling between many European cities to share the ILA mission and allow clients to create meaningful businesses that afford them the lifestyle they have dreamed of.

“Some years ago I realised that, through my career, my coaching and my social connections, I had acquired a vast network of remarkable women from across the globe,” she explains of her inspiration. “They came from all different countries and walks of life but we had all encountered the same challenges and difficulties, be they personal, financial or in business. Many of these women had found great success, but the road to success is not smooth. It can be hard, it can lonely and it can be overwhelming. I was always very lucky and made my own way in new cities, but I wish that I could have had a network like this to assist with making friends, socialising, and getting support from others.”

Which leads us to Natalia’s valuable work in Ibiza this winter and throughout 2016. Combining her deep love and vast knowledge of the island with her professional experience, Natalia has created a variety of group retreats (for between 10 and 15 people and not limited to just women) designed to attract corporate leaders and entrepreneurs looking to retreat from their hectic lives while focusing on their wellbeing, inner discovery and truth.

‘Love and money’ is the next retreat, taking place at the end of November, delving into the relationship between the two and understanding how doing what you believe in with love can result in coming back with money, another form of love. The retreat also covers overcoming problems with love and money whether in business or in personal relationships and how to create powerful partnerships to produce an abundance of both. “Love and money in harmony creates a higher love,” says Natalia.

Alternative workshops include ‘Leading from the heart’, an experience designed for business leaders looking to lead their company or start their own business with authenticity and love, teaching you how to be in harmony with yourself and to connect and communicate with your team from the heart. “It’s not about being the kind of leader who would say ‘follow me, I am the very best’ at all,” Natalia explains of the concept. “It is about how to lead by serving others and to make a difference in their lives.”

‘Journey to yourself’ and ‘The art of being a woman’ retreats feature a heavy focus on holistic wellbeing – including a beautiful relaxing location – think bohemian luxe, five-star surroundings and a tranquil ambience – yoga, meditation, healthy, vegetarian cuisine, massage, beauty treatments, Reiki and more – in addition to Natalia’s intensive and deep coaching, the immersive flagship ILA Academy retreats are a rich and rewarding experience for participants, many of whom become repeat clientele after their very first retreat.

“My retreats are a beautiful escape,” Natalia says. “When you take a busy person away from life’s daily stress, hustle, bustle, work, home life and responsibilities, it is a very profound and transformational experience once they disconnect from their routine.” After returning from a retreat with Natalia, participants connect with their true self, needs and desires; find their relationships and business improved among many other benefits.

The beauty of working with Natalia in Ibiza means European clients don’t need to fly to far-away spiritual places such as India or Bali to undergo a life-changing experience, though Natalia’s global client list reads like a who’s who of countries including the USA, Dubai, Montenegro, Hong Kong and many more in addition to Europe. Natalia also offers one-to-one coaching, training for those looking for a specific tailor-made retreat or exclusive experience, encouraging self-expression and self-discovery, combined with a little Ibiza-style fun should you wish to experience the true island life, however if you can’t make it to Ibiza for a retreat or one-to-one coaching, Natalia is also available for sessions on Skype and in London, where she also offers one-to-one sessions, workshops and seminars.

Natalia is a beautiful soul who clearly practices what she preaches. “My life totally changed when I realised that I was more in harmony with myself when I was making an impact on someone’s life, to unblock their limitations and leading them towards personal and business fulfilment. I want to share the island with the types of people I work with and see the difference it can make for them. It’s very rewarding for me. Actually… I’d love to go on my own retreats!”

If you are looking to change your life, find your passions and discover your unique talents, create a meaningful lifestyle business, improve relationships with people in your life, take your business to a new level, take time off and spend time in beautiful Ibiza with Natalia, get in touch via email or telephone +44 7788 263 926 or +34 672 116 879. Visit for further details.