Nutritional Vibrance – A conscious connection

Over the past few years, the connection between mind and body has become increasingly more apparent, with much research being done to support the belief that we can heal and cure ourselves naturally from anything.

Qualified nutritionist and registered Bioresonance practitioner Arianna Aunon of Nutritional Vibrance believes in treating all layers – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – using nature and nurture, and says the key to longevity is prevention rather than medicine.

Our bodies are smart. When they demonstrate a symptom, it’s usually a sign to take action in order to prevent illness and it’s up to our minds to listen to them and act upon this. Combining Bioresonance frequency therapy and nutrition, Arianna creates bespoke programs for her patients, designed to address their individual concerns, needs and to specifically fit in with their lifestyles.

Typical issues that can be addressed by Nutritional Vibrance include hormone imbalances such as skin issues, hair loss, PCOS, PMS, lack of energy, mood swings and headaches; digestion issues including bloating, gastritis and  constipation; auto-immune, thyroid issues, weight loss or gain and typical signs of ageing. Working with a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from children with Autism, to exhausted mothers, successful business owners who want to stay at optimum health levels or fitness enthusiasts who want to go beyond training and work from the inside out.

“You don’t have to have a problem to benefit from Bioresonance,” Arianna says. “It’s for anyone who wants to look after their body and mind and live a long healthy life. We all think about anti-ageing as an external thing and applying creams – and that’s great – but our skin and bodies need nourishment and protection from the inside out. We can really glow from working on that cellular level with things like nutrient rich, absorbable superfoods in our diets.”

Arianna’s own interest in the field of nutrition came after a series of her own health issues, which took their toll on her body. Despite having always been surrounded by good food as a child, she developed Anorexia Nervosa in her late teens, developed a hormone imbalance due to taking the contraceptive pill and suffered digestive issues and gut problems due to being over-prescribed antiobiotics, having a severe parasite infection and more. Fortunately however, through these experiences she eventually discovered the incredible power of natural healing. “It was almost like I had come full circle,” she says of the instant connection she felt with nutrition when she began her studies.

Fascinated with the results of some personal clinical frequency trials while working as a therapist at a Quantum centre in London, Arianna recognised what an amazing tool Bioresonance could be if practiced alongside her work as a nutritionist. “Our bodies are energy,” she explains. “Energy blockages manifest into emotional blockages, which in turn manifest into physical illness. If we break down each layer and fix the energy blocks, this can have a huge effect on the physical wellbeing.”

Health is a frequency.

It may sound very esoteric, but it’s actually very scientific. Clients experience a non-invasive scan using a Bioresonance machine – a very small device featuring a circuit board that feeds information through the senses while the patient wears headphones fitted with highly defined sensors to ensure no external information can interfere, while their hands are on a board and a laser is directed at the thyroid gland. The laser feeds back comprehensive information from the body’s master gland, the hypothalamus, into Arianna’s computer (which you can watch as it works its magic in a colour-coded chart).

“It’s so effective and efficient,” Arianna explains. “The scan goes as deep as your DNA, reading your blood, your chromosomes and telling us which systems are decompensating, which areas of the body are weaker, issues with specific organs. It uncovers parasites, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, food sensitivities, and even energy burdens that you may have from mobile phones or lighting, or chemicals from non-organic pesticides.” In fact, just one Bioresonance full body scan can be equivalent to around 30 different doctor visits and lab tests.

The beauty of the test results is that the machine doesn’t lie. As human beings, we are inclined to skip over some of the less-than-impressive facts when going into detail about our nutrition and health with a professional, but Arianna says it’s important to know all the facts to treat all causes and conditions. She also asks her clients a series of questions to get to know the details a scan can’t tell – such as family life, childhood and work so she can then look at the overall picture and develop a highly specific tailored plan. “It’s important to bond with each person to get to the root of the cause. There’s so much more to us than just the physical, and when we go deeper, we really find healing.”

After an in-depth analysis of the results and follow-up session, clients can select from a variety of packages that include personalised nutritional plans, dietary recommendations, education, BRT frequency sessions, ongoing support and guidance. There is no stock standard plan – each is developed on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to nutrition, Arianna believes the mindset is also an important part of the healing process, with affirmations forming part of the programs. “I really believe the mind is such a powerful tool for being at peace with your body. It’s important to take time to celebrate all the little things rather than feel as though your should be doing more. Things are always working out for us. We are enough. It’s just learning to recognise the signs that is the key.”

Connecting with nature is also important, and it is here the island of Ibiza can really contribute and enhance. “Nature has perfect timing,” says Arianna. “It really is total abundance. Whenever we want to get on a high vibration and attract abundance into our lives, whether it be health, wellbeing or even money, we should go out into nature and get grounded.” Grounded, warm and extremely knowledgeable, Arianna’s own experience of the healing process as both a practitioner and a patient allows her to truly understand where her clients are coming from and expertly guide them to overall health and wellbeing.

Arianna also offers VIP days for her clients – a more hands-on experience where they can truly come to understand the power and vibration of foods via recipes and education. Knowing that superfoods can be ‘alien’ or daunting to some people, she takes the time to teach exactly why they need to consume a certain thing, explaining the benefits – it’s never a case of ‘eat this because it’s healthy’. “Food is so much more than ‘just’ food,” she says. “It contains all the vital nutrients we need to nourish every layer of our selves – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When we sit down at a table, our mindset at that point is important. Food grounds us. It’s important to feel grateful for the food you have in front of you, not guilty about whatever you’re eating. Embrace every mouthful, love it. Enjoy every minute of it.”

Sessions with Arianna take place at a variety of locations across the island and in London, and should be reserved around three to four weeks in advance to guarantee availability and allow time for pre-consultation work. Contact or call +44 759 609 9852 for more information or to reserve your session. Shot on location at Agroturismo Atzaro