Ibiza wellness: Introducing Patyka – Exclusive to Open Spa

Eating organic and avoiding highly processed foods has become second nature to many of us in recent years. We understand the benefits and thus take extra care with the products that go into our shopping baskets and onto our tables – you are what you eat has become somewhat of a mantra. These days however, it seems good skin health goes beyond what we ingest and also includes the products we apply topically. It makes sense then, to treat our faces and bodies with organic goodness, and here in Ibiza, the luxurious Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel has introduced a new range of vegan-friendly products and treatments designed with exactly this in mind.

Patyka is a luxurious, innovative range of organic skincare products – 100-percent natural and free from synthetic and toxic chemicals. The pioneering Parisian beauty brand is the first in history to be declared ECOCERT organic, the most highly regarded organic certification in Europe. Being declared organic no longer needs to be associated with the pungent scent of patchouli oil or incense and the Patyka range offers a scientifically proven fusion of pure and potent organic botanicals, refined using advanced biotechnology techniques and then given a significant dose French elegance.

Taking the name from the Hungarian word for ‘Apothecary’, the Patyka story dates back to Paris during the roaring 20s. History tells the tale of a young pharmacist who was so inspired by his love for an alluring French beauty that he formulated an illuminating skin elixir from rare plant oils and extracts. He named the youth serum ‘Huile Absolute’ and his lover was so enamoured of its results, she shared it with her inner circle of friemds, who just so happened to be the Parisian elite. It’s this coveted, age-defying recipe that was discovered decades later, and recreated by Patyka’s top scientific experts and is at the heart of each and every product within the range.

As the first French brand to offer luxury skincare that is also certified organic, Patyka continues to bring the genuine Huile Absolute experience to life via innovative biotechnologies that heighten the active characteristics of its ingredients. The result is more luxurious, high-performance formulas that bring visible results. Today, the brand is no longer limited to the inner circles of Parisian socialites and has extended its reach to Ibiza’s one and only ‘grand luxe’ hotel, where Ibiza Gran Hotel guests and Open Spa clients alike are invited to step into the world of Patyka…

A unique menu of skin-pampering Patyka treatments has been created exclusively for Open Spa: pure sensorial experiences that are as luxurious and elegant as they are effective. The 80-minute Youth Remodelling Facial is an anti-aging treatment designed to smooth the skin and recover suppleness, firmness and radiance. By gradually layering on essential organic ingredients and immersing the skin in the most divine textures and essences, the skin truly benefits from the ritual, inspiring health and wellbeing. Even the deepest wrinkles are diminished, ensuring you float out of your treatment cabin looking younger, instantly…

The 50-minute Balancing Radiant Facial is the perfect treatment to help restore balance to normal or combination skin, strengthening its capacity for self-defence. The skin is moisturised and balanced with pores visibly reduced, whilst the delicate lightweight lotions and silky sensuous oils are silicone-free and mineral-oil free for the epitome of luxury. Treatments are not simply limited to the face, with the Patyka Precious Wood Sublime Beauty Massage using a unique blend of four Amazonian tropical wood essences to refine, stimulate and nourish the skin with flowing, smooth movements, while the heady fragrance invigorates the mind and senses at the same time – a must-try treatment.

The Open Spa experience doesn’t stop when the timer is up on your Patyka treatment at Ibiza Gran Hotel; rather, it’s time to move onto the next stage of relaxation. Your therapist will lead you into the warm embrace of a low-lit waiting room, where tranquil music floats over the airwaves and heated lavender pads are applied on your shoulders to keep you in a constant state of bliss. Fruit and herbal teas are on offer, and when you’re feeling revived and ready, the refreshing water circuits of Open Aqua await next door – a series of hydrotherapy showers, hammams, saunas, baths and pools in a light-filled, tranquil space that is pretty much as close to heaven as one can get!

For those who fall in love with the textures, scents and most importantly, the results of Patyka products during their experience, Open Spa also offers a select range of skincare solutions to purchase after your treatment, or to stock up your beauty cabinet at any time. ‘Going organic’ has never felt so good…

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