Organic Açai: Eat well, get healthy & help the Amazon

A superlative version of supreme superfood açai has arrived in Ibiza in 2015 for your tasting pleasure and general wellbeing, courtesy of the clever and kind folk at Organic Açai.

Pronounced aah-sai-eee for those who have been seeing it on juice bar menus but had no idea how to say it, the powerful, health-giving berry has a smooth, refreshing taste and is fantastically versatile. Delicious with many different cereals and fruits, it makes a perfect addition to a beautiful breakfast or scrumptious smoothie.

Açai contains 42 times the level of antioxidants in fresh blueberries and 10 times those in spirulina, plus over 50 other important nutrients. The health benefits of feasting on the purple berry are many, as these nutritional little nuggets have anti-ageing properties, boost the immune system, aid weight loss and improve digestion. They even make your skin clearer!

A firm favourite with the fashionable foodie set, Organic Açai’s açai berries are the cream of the crop – the first in Europe to be certified organic and classified Fair Trade. They’re guaranteed 100% pure açai with no additives, preservatives or thickeners, and are brought to you directly from the Amazon, which is why they are so packed with goodness – many of their nutrients are unique to the Amazonian soil.

Organic Açai founders Nicholas Andonakis and Marilena Thomadaki have a vibrant, healthy outlook and a simple philosophy – to work with the body as a whole, focusing on what it truly needs, and taking responsibility for what it ingests. After having unsuccessful IVF treatments, Marilena sadly began to suffer from serious health problems. The couple searched for a natural way to repair the damage and discovered the power of açai. Within just six months of introducing açai and other organic superfoods into her daily diet Marilena’s health had improved dramatically. Astonished by the wondrous results, they wanted to help others, and decided to set up Organic Açai.

Nicholas and Marilena are also part of a bigger health movement focused on bettering general health through diet with a firm policy on organic, fair trade and sustainable produce. In connection with this they have created the ‘Ibiza Helps the Amazon’ campaign.

“Protecting the source of açai and the lungs of our planet is incredibly important to us,” they say. “Our ‘Ibiza Helps the Amazon’ campaign sees 10-percent of all profits of Organic Açai sold in Ibiza go directly back to the farmers and families of those who are involved in harvesting our berries. We’re also aiming to raise enough money to build a school structure for the children of the locals who work with us.”

So where can you get your hands on this marvellous natural healer? Health-loving Ibiza hotels and restaurants have already well and truly embraced Organic Açai and you can tuck into it now in some of the best gourmet venues on the island, with Destino, Sa Trinxa, Blue Marlin, Hotel Es Vive and Coco Beach just a few of those who are already stocking this delicious source of goodness. You’ll also find Organic Açai at the new hidden gem Don’t Panic it’s Organic on Avenida de España. If you don’t feel like venturing outside of the villa or disembarking the yacht, however, you’re in luck, as the Organic Açai team also offers private catering on the white isle. Just book an appointment and they will bring the berries directly to you and prepare a superfood breakfast of true health champions!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: White Ibiza readers receive a 5% discount on orders from Organic Açai when quoting White Ibiza. For more information visit: or contact to book an appointment