Ibiza wellness: New! Personal Training Ibiza Beach Body Challenge – 30-day programme

After announcing her all-new Ibiza-based Beach Body Challenge last month (read more about it here), health and fitness expert Sandra Albuschat of Personal Training Ibiza experienced unprecedented demand for the course. One of the themes that kept recurring in her enquiries however, was ‘I want to enrol – but can I do it faster?’. We do live in the now age, after all – a time of instant gratification, a time when anything we want is at our fingertips and a time where we expect rapid results in line with our fast-paced society. With this in mind, Sandra is now launching an all-new 30-day version of the programme for those who want to dive in and get fit fast – bikini season starts now!

It’s important to note, Sandra is focused on realistic goals and does not advocate dramatic weight loss regimes. This is not a boot camp or a fast fix – it’s a carefully devised system combining twice-weekly group workouts on the beach or in nature with nutritional advice and recipes, motivational talks and education. Each workout session is 90 minutes in length, with the first 70 minutes focused on intense training and the remaining 20 minutes filled with informative nutritional advice. The key to success in the Beach Body Challenge, according to Sandra, is taking those first steps towards conscious eating and understanding the psychology of food, something she works closely with participants on throughout the challenge.

The 30-day version of Beach Body Challenge makes the programme accessible not only to island residents, but to holidaymakers as well – Ibiza is the perfect destination to dedicate your valuable vacation time to improving your health and fitness levels. After training in the mornings, you can hit the beach and work on your tan, explore Ibiza’s healthy eating scene or indulge in some wellness treatments with the island’s plethora of experts. Sandra is also available for one-to-one personal training sessions, for those who really want to dedicate extra time to their training schedule.

The condensed version means sessions are more intense, and students will require more self discipline in order to see results – something Sandra positively reinforces throughout the programme. Sessions take place on Tuesdays and Fridays and Beach Body Challenge members will be connected via a motivational WhatsApp group to share tips, tricks, photos, recipes and training motivation. Making new friends is a happy side effect of the experience. The programme is open to everyone – new mums looking to lose the baby weight, those wanting to increase fitness levels, tone up or slim down or women who wish to add some curves to a lean figure! It’s all about working with the body you have (alongside one of Ibiza’s premier fitness experts), to get the body you want.

Sandra’s inspiration for the Beach Body Challenge came from working with women of all sizes, shapes and ages who were looking for the perfect ‘bikini body’. The truth is, there is no such thing – it’s about looking and feeling good, happy and confident on the beach, by the pool or on a dance floor. Using the word BEACH as a guide, Sandra devised the following philosophy to use as a basis for the course.

Balanced – A beach body is balanced. It’s about proportion, not unrealistic weight goals. Coincidentally, the programme helps create a balanced mind.
Energised – It’s also energised. By exercising and eating correctly, you will be filled with vitality rather than drained of it.
Active – Being active assists in meeting the challenge – moving that body rather than staying sedentry.
Confident – This is such an important aspect when it comes to feeling good in your bikini. When you feel good, you look good, and that’s the truth.
Healthy – Sandra’s primary concern for participants in the course is that they lose weight and shape their bodies in a healthy manner, and this too comes via nutrition as much as training.

The 30-day Beach Body Challenge commences on Friday May 5, 2017 however participants can join at any time. Early bird prices in June, August and September are 162€ per person (with nine sessions included), while May and July are 144€ (with eight sessions included), which is less than 18€ per session, with free fitness and nutrition advice. Places are limited, to ensure each participant receives ultra-personal attention from Sandra directly – she is also always on call to answer any queries or questions you may have throughout the duration, via phone or email.

You’re also not limited to 30 days – Sandra recommends once you’ve finished your first 30-day cycle, signing up for the next! While you will see immediate changes in 30 days, the dramatic differences that come with training long terms need to be seen and felt to be believed. It’s all about changing your lifestyle – they say it takes 28 days to change or form a habit, why not make it the healthy habit of a lifetime?  Enrol now via emailing info@personal-training-ibiza.com to receive your special introductory rate!

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