Ibiza wellness: Sandra Albuschat Beach Body Challenge – Special introductory discount

At this time of year – post-Easter and pre-summer – it’s natural for a woman’s thoughts to turn to her body. If you’re here in Ibiza, chances are you’ve already pulled your favourite bikini out of hibernation, or used this gorgeous sunny weather as an excuse to buy a new one. Need any more inspiration to start training? With the impending summer in mind, highly experienced and in-demand Ibiza personal trainer Sandra Albuschat has devised an all-new beach body programme kicking off from May 1, 2017. Introducing the Beach Body Challenge by Personal Training Ibiza.

The 10-week programme is not a one-size-fits-all approach to ‘getting the perfect body’. Nor is it a ‘fast fix’. After many years spent working with women of all sizes, shapes and ages, Sandra knows the perfect beach body is not about looking like you’ve stepped out of the pages of Sports Illustrated – it’s about looking and (perhaps more importantly) feeling good, happy and confident when you’re wearing your bikini. Combining twice-weekly group workouts on the beach here in Ibiza with nutritional advice and recipes, motivational talks and education, Personal Training Ibiza works on creating long-term results that are as healthy as they are attractive.

Early birds who sign up to the first instalment of the Beach Body Challenge are currently being offered the very special introductory rate of just 345€ for the entire programme, which is less than 18€ per session. Given that drop in classes at local gyms or yoga schools can cost up to 40€ for just an hour, this is an amazing chance to train extensively with one of Ibiza’s best health and fitness experts at such a low cost – plus you’ll be receiving all the additional advice and information free. Simply sign up via email and pay for the 10-week package in full before May 1, 2017 to receive the discount – all other participants who enrol on or after the commencement date will pay 380€ in total.

The challenge will be split into two groups, so you can opt for sessions that suit your schedule. SUNSHINE group meets on Mondays and Thursdays between 9.15am and 10.45am, while BLUE SKY team unite on Tuesdays and Fridays at the same time. Morning sessions are advised in order to beat the early summer heat, however anyone interested in afternoon training sessions should contact Sandra directly for the chance to arrange a third training group. Group members will be connected via motivational WhatsApp groups to share tips, tricks, photos, recipes and training motivation. It’s all about creating a warm, nurturing and supportive environment. Inspiring coaching emails and telephone support from Sandra is also part of the package – a well-rounded approach to transforming your body.

Training sessions with Sandra take place in the great outdoors – after all, here in Ibiza we are blessed with some of the most stunning training grounds in the world courtesy of Mother Nature. Locations will change to keep you stimulated and on your toes, and will include Santa Eulalia near Babylon Beach or the river, Cala Nova, Playa Niu Blau, Santa Gertrudis and the beach at Talamanca. Having personally scouted each location, Sandra has developed a unique set of workouts and challenges suited to the terrain.

Each session lasts for 90 minutes and kicks off with 70 minutes of training (cardio and toning), followed by a 20-minute talk where Sandra shares her extensive knowledge on subjects including wellness, nutrition, problem solving and motivation. Her idea is to change the way you think about your body and self-image daily through positive education and mindsets. Training on its own is not enough – women in each group will also benefit hugely from the support of each other, and Sandra’s personalised attention.

Imagine 10 weeks spent immersed in nature, being put through your paces by an inspiring trainer, surrounded by other supportive women from all walks of life – making new friends is guaranteed. Sandra invites absolutely everyone to join the programme, whether you are a new mum looking to ditch some extra weight, someone looking to increase their fitness levels, you are looking to tone up or slim down or perhaps, you’re the opposite and are looking to add some curves to a lean figure! It’s not about dramatically dropping kilos – it’s about working with Sandra to suit the body shape you have.

This transformational training experience aims to bring about positive and healthy changes in all participants in a realistic timeframe. The clue is in the name. Balance + Energise + Active + Confident + Health = BEACH. But more on that later. Watch this space in the coming months for more on the Personal Training Ibiza Beach Body Challenge, from tips, tricks and techniques to the impressive before and after results. And in the meantime – what are you waiting for? Enrol now via emailing info@personal-training-ibiza.com to receive your special introductory rate!

Photography by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

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