Ibiza wellness: Losing weight the right way – Sandra Albuschat

“I don’t believe in diets,” says Ibiza health, fitness and wellness expert Sandra Albuschat of Personal Training Ibiza. “I believe in combining healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. In my personal training sessions, we talk about what burns fat, and my opinion is, a good balanced lifestyle does this – and this combined with training sessions will help you see better weight loss results.”

With many of her personal training clients being women looking to lose weight – be it post-baby, pre-beach holiday or just an overall lifestyle shift – Sandra starts the process by asking them to write a food and drink journal, a step she says really helps contribute to motivation and inspire healthy changes. “I ask my clients to fill in exactly what they eat and drink, plus the amount of time they spend moving, in sports or other activities. This helps us become instantly aware of what we are doing wrong – after all, we must be doing something wrong if we want to lose weight, otherwise our bodies would be fine!”

The fact is, when calorie intake and output are balanced, weight should be stabilised. Easier said than done of course, and Sandra understands that here in Ibiza, self-sabotaging temptation is everywhere – from early morning sugary coffees to afternoon sundowners, evening wines and of course, the delicious gastronomic offerings all over the island. So the key is to start to get a feeling for calories, via understanding just how much you are consuming and how many hours of being active it will take you to lose it.

“You don’t have to calorie count for life,” Sandra says, a true realist in her work. “But when you start to become aware of certain things in your diet that just aren’t any good for you, you can limit them to once a month or special occasions. The fact is, if you want to lose weight, you have to eat. Your body needs fuel to burn fat. But it’s the type of fuel you feed it that really makes a difference.” She goes on to explain that starting a food journal will also help you assess the situations in which you eat – do you eat more when stressed? Hormonal? Or in an emotional state, craving comfort food? Or are you eating because your body is truly hungry? Learning to identify the difference between cravings and needs is all part of the process.

Sandra uses her many years of experience in training and nutrition to look at the psychology of patterns and conditioning, plus finding solutions to escape these situations. “Although I am a personal trainer, I have to say nutrition is equally as important as training,” she explains. “If you want to stay in shape for life, finding the perfect combination of both is a must.” Sandra is also a woman who practices what she preaches, and has learned not only from her work, but her personal experiences. “I have never dieted in my life, because I was always doing sport and eating healthily,” she admits. “But as I get older, I notice a difference in my body and I now am much more careful with calories, and the sweets I love.”

In reality, the ways we put on weight can include overeating or overindulging in the wrong types of foods and drinks – with the hidden sugars in juices and alcohol among the many things we neglect to consider – in addition to leading more sedentary lifestyles in today’s society. Of course, there are also people who suffer hormonal conditions or illnesses that cause them to put on weight and Sandra can work alongside them to help keep the weight in check realistically. “Don’t look at your physical weight,” Sandra stresses about stepping on the scales. “To lose kilos doesn’t always mean you are losing fat. In my fat burning training, we work on training muscles, and the more muscles you gain, the more fat you are burning – however it’s a well-known fact that muscle weighs more than fat.”

As a long-time trainer in Ibiza, Sandra doesn’t expect her clients to be saints. “On one hand, people are interested in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but on the other, they seem to ignore how unhealthy and fattening alcohol is. I am the last person who is expecting you to live life without a little fun, but to skip it for a while is a fantastic way to lose weight and detox, and it costs nothing!” Her manner is motivational and supportive, caring and nurturing, while still driving you to get results. Ideal for Ibiza residents and holidaymakers alike, Sandra offers a variety of programmes, classes and private sessions to help people achieve the body results they are after.

Beach Body Challenges (10-week and 30-day versions available – read more here) are designed to encourage healthy body and lifestyle changes, while weekly drop-in classes become the start a lifelong habit to workout regularly. The most efficient way to lose weight the right way however, is to enlist Sandra as your private personal trainer, so she can assess your body, lifestyle, eating habits and more, and then devise a healthy education and training program that is perfectly suited to you, with plenty of one-to-one time. Results will come. Healthily; realistically; happily.

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