Ibiza wellness: Sandra Albuschat – Pioneering Piloxing in Ibiza

We are all striving for optimum fitness. Whether for aesthetic reasons, all-round flawless health or simply a confidence boost, all of us endeavour to be the very best versions of ourselves. Sadly, with the fast pace of modern life and distractions everywhere you turn, the reality of looking and feeling healthy is often more tricky to realise than the sentiment. Fortunately for those in Ibiza, there are talented professionals like Sandra Albuschat of Personal Training Ibiza on hand to help along the way, providing guidance and advice on what can seem an overwhelming journey at first.

Sandra has a long and illustrious history working in the fitness industry. After honing her skills with passion for over 25 years, she is constantly in search of new techniques and qualifications to build on her already impressive repertoire. Since arriving to Ibiza in 2004, she has assisted countless clients on the path to health and wellbeing – using a combination of in-depth knowledge and her personalised, friendly style, she makes getting the best out of anyone look easy and feel enjoyable. At the same time, Sandra remains at the forefront of implementing pioneering techniques, so maximising your efforts is made simple.

One such technique is Piloxing, a brand-new approach to working out and the latest darling of the Hollywood health set. Favoured by the über-fit A-List who look lean and eat clean, Piloxing was invented by Swedish-born Viveca Jensen, and combines Pilates, boxing and core training, all in one intense, full body session that sculpts your muscles. While working out, you also wear a weighted pair of gloves – 250 grams on each hand – which dramatically improves the impact of each workout by increasing resistance during cardio sessions. There’s no doubt you’ll walk away from your training session really feeling the burn – and that’s a good thing!

Sandra is one of the first people on the island to implement this kind of cutting-edge training. “In my classes I do from 60 to 75-minute workouts,” she explains. “We do a mix of Piloxing, cardio, tummy and butt among other things.” The result, naturally, is to get fit and stay fit, but Sandra adds there are additional benefits: “Piloxing is really great for training someone who wants to lose weight or to tone the body,” she says. “After five minutes, you think it’s going to be easy, but after 50 minutes you really start to feel the difference. This is power training for women that really makes you connect with your inner strength.”

Piloxing gloves are accessibly priced, and Sandra recommends clients snap up their own pair, for hygiene reasons more than anything. Once the gloves are on, she leads you on the path to fitness by embarking on a total body workout. Wearing the gloves means all the hard work is done by your muscles and no additional stress is applied to the joints, which is better for your body in the long run. The result is to ensure you reach your ultimate goal of a sleek, strong and sexy you – just like you so often see on the red carpet in Hollywood.

Sandra’s commitment to discovering new techniques makes her standout from her peers here in Ibiza and her ethos of constant improvement keeps her at the head of the fitness game. In addition, her motivational, always positive approach means none of her sessions ever feel like a form of boot camp torture – instead, she helps you implement change in a healthy, practical way that makes long-term results more attainable and a full sense of wellness for both mind and body a reality. In addition to private sessions, Sandra also has group classes available – contact her directly for more details.

Photography by Jennifer Arndt Photography

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