Ibiza wellness: Sandra Albuschat – Increase your workout with XBT

Those prone to bouts of fitness enthusiasm know the road to long-term wellbeing can be a protracted one. Some days you’re completely devoted, other days you can hardly move from the sofa – you find yourself wrestling with a seesaw effect that can be hard to shake off. This is where experts like Sandra Albuschat of Personal Training Ibiza come in. Well versed in the ups and downs of regular training, she approaches each individual’s fitness journey with a bespoke plan and contagious vigour, ensuring any thoughts to veer away from the path to fitness are fleeting.

With 25 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Sandra has seen it all, which means she’s the perfect person to keep you motivated at whatever stage of the journey you’re on. Many professional qualifications and an unmatchable passion for her craft are the foundation each of her sessions is built on – add to that a constant desire to evolve and teach the latest techniques and you’ve got the ideal personal trainer at your disposal.

For Sandra, the innovative XBT Fitness machine is something very special – a shining star amongst other new fitness trends in the industry. Offering a cardio workout and body strength training at the same time, it burns calories at a higher rate, meaning you get incredibly fast results with it and it’s ideal for weight loss and body forming. The main premise behind XBT Fitness is that it adds an additional form of resistance to each movement you make, increasing the benefits of each workout. “I like to include resistance training in my sessions,” she explains. “But this is on another level.”

Essentially, XBT is a functional belt you wear round your hips (think Lara Croft in Tomb Raider) with moveable cable-pulls you attach to wrists and ankles to ensure a full body workout of the highest degree. The good news is, the belt can also be adjusted to complement your personal fitness level, so you only work at the grade you are physically able. “All ages, all body types and all levels of fitness can be catered to with XBT in boxing or aerobic workout styles” Sandra explains. “You see very quick results in improved fitness levels and body reshaping.”

Sandra introduced the XBT training methods to her Ibiza clients in April 2017 with great success. She sees it as a great tool for couples’ workouts – where normally, one partner’s fitness level or strength is higher than the other, with the XBT adjusted to suit each person, they can train on an even playing field so to speak. And while it can be used to increase a workout for someone whose fitness level is already high, the XBT can also be used gently with the elderly, adapting the belt strength to allow them to gradually build strength, flexibility and muscles.

The XBT Fitness sets are perfect for group classes in addition to personal sessions, and Sandra cannot recommend it highly enough if you’re looking to increase fitness levels, as well as maintain them. “It’s an innovative, versatile new exercise machine that works your cardio system while building strength,” she says. “It’s guaranteed to give you a full body workout. Yoga and Pilates are not for everyone, and XBT offers a new alternative.”

Sandra constantly motivates her clients to increase their fitness levels, always pushing them that little bit further in a supportive, friendly manner to ensure they get the very best from each session. “It’s worth remembering that fitness isn’t just about weight loss,” she says. “It’s also about cardio health, fun, wellbeing and flexibility among other benefits.” Empowering, fun and mobile, Sandra Albuschat’s XBT workouts can take place anywhere in Ibiza – in your home, on the beach or in the campo. For those looking to embark on a new and exciting fitness regime, or kick their fitness levels up a notch, simply put Sandra on speed dial!

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