Ibiza wellness: No.1 Rosemary Water – Brain power in a bottle

We’ve all had that Jetson’s moment of wanting to pop a pill that gives the same results as a gym session, a green juice or a PhD. While not quite there yet – we’re still waiting for our personal jetpacks after all – the next neuroscience breakthrough will be in the treatment and prevention of conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s focusing on ways to help healthy people boost brainpower, memory and even longevity. And right now, the folks at No.1 Rosemary Water are literally bottling the stuff.

The story started in the tiny Italian coastal town of Acciaroli. This little fishing village is home to the highest concentration of centenarians in the world. Science points to a diet heavy in rosemary as the cause of such long healthy lives. David and Bonita Spencer-Percival launched No.1 Rosemary Water to bring this magical herb to a wider audience. Not only have they created a delicious drink, they’re helping science to figure out exactly how rosemary supports brain performance.

Enter Dr. Mark Moss, head of the psychology department at Northumbria University. For the last fifteen years Dr. Moss and his colleagues have been testing the effects of rosemary aroma on memory and coming up with some very positive results. When David and Bonita approached him with No.1 Rosemary Water, a major piece of his research puzzle was solved. Clinical trials have begun and the preliminary results are very encouraging.

Dr. Moss’ trials will take nine months to complete and are using brain imaging to examine the cerebral activity of subjects consuming No.1 Rosemary Water. Initial results are extremely exciting. While the trials continue Dr. Moss has tentatively released information that points to an increase in memory function – an important key in treating memory and brain health issues.

“This data is from just two participants [in the clinical trials] and cannot be taken as definitively indicative of what might be shown when testing is complete,” he cautions. “Nonetheless it is interesting.” Brain imaging shows more intense cortical activation in those drinking No.1 Rosemary Water, which indicates higher concentration during a task and activity towards the back of the brain indicates a potential superior working memory.

While the clinical trials continue David and Bonita steam ahead with the growth of their new venture launching a new 330ml Tetra Pak Prism, meaning getting a delicious brain booster on the go is super easy. The new Tetra Paks and the original elegant white glass bottles are available from Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Whole Foods and Ocado in addition to selected locations in Ibiza.

This on-the-go pick me up is the easiest and tastiest way to hydrate and stay focused throughout busy days. Bastions of the full-on lifestyle Stella McCartney, Rita Ora and Victoria Beckham love the stuff, incorporating No.1 Rosemary Water into their daily health and beauty regimes. Backstage during fashion week the Tetra Paks were a hit amongst models and crew alike. It’s definitely time to get our Rosemary Water on!

It’s been an exciting and scientifically complicated journey to bottle the benefits of rosemary. “Our goal was to extract the plant’s unique and extraordinary health benefits into a beverage that would enable everyone to try and live the good life, longer, wherever they are,” says David. “The end result is deliciously refreshing – without a doubt, a drink to remember!”

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