Ibiza wellness: Sandra Albuschat – Feeling well, body awareness and training

Today’s society puts a lot of pressure on women when it comes to looking good, be it through magazines, television, Instagram or celebrities or in terms of losing weight, dieting and training. Here in Ibiza, Sandra Albuschat, founder of Personal Training Ibiza, believes women should be focusing on feeling well rather than the shape or weight of their bodies. From here, comes more body awareness, which contributes to our long-term wellbeing, and is a healthy way to start to changing your body. “So many women have this inner pressure,” she explains. “If they can’t reach these high goals they become unhappy and disappointed in themselves, and can go back to old patterns. It’s important to know we can set goals for our bodies without this pressure. I’m there to motivate them to stay on track.”

With over 27 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, Sandra’s ethos stems from a place of knowledge and experience – as a specialist with the female form, she knows exactly what she’s talking about and has the results to prove it. “We don’t need to look like bikini models to feel well in our bodies,” she says. “The message I always give to my clients is that feeling well is the most important thing. It only takes a few exercises to change your body and take that internal pressure off.”

Over the years, Sandra has developed her own unique style of fitness training, working in a hands-on way with each client to understand exactly what their body needs, identifying the challenges they are facing and leading them to develop their own body awareness. Her eagle eye is highly trained to spot any muscular errors or misalignments while training – right down to the tiniest of muscles tensing – which means she is ideally placed to help you increase the efficiency of each exercise.

Sandra explains that while it takes time to change our bodies and our inner attitude, the good news is that in as little as 14 days (with two to three personal training sessions per week), you will start to see, and importantly feel, differences. This small commitment is the first step to making exercise and a healthy lifestyle a key part of your life. “It’s not always necessary to physically lose kilos to get the shape you want,” Sandra continues. “It’s such a shame people think this way. Personal training is so interesting – I look at each person as a whole and then train them for their proportions. Not every exercise is for everyone and many women train themselves incorrectly. For example, they think they have to train the thighs a lot to lose weight, but this will actually make them bigger – you look broader. Everything I do is so tailored to the whole person in each session. I remember what they looked like two weeks prior and I know what their aim is. I see every little change.”

An expert in toning methods, Sandra’s techniques include exercises to lift and shape the butt, to reduce love handles, slim and tone arms, shape the shoulders and reduce excess weight beneath the bust. Abdominals is where she truly excels – using a technique that speeds up the definition process. Sandra works closely with new mothers to help restore the abdominals to their pre-baby shape – in addition to private sessions, she has created her own program called Mama Fitness Ibiza, designed for both pre and post pregnancy. Sandra’s inspirational training style stems from understanding the body from the perspective of both a trainer and a mother – she truly understands the journey many of her clients are on.

Those with back injuries, knee problems or any other niggling physical complaints will be happy to know Sandra also specialises in working with clients who have constraints. Her methods enable clients to create a new relationship with their bodies – one that increases confidence and ultimately brings a feel-good, strong and happy attitude. The most important element when it comes to training with Sandra is to be realistic. This is a trainer who will never encourage fad diets or over-exertion in order to quickly (and thus unhealthily) shed excess weight.

“You’ll see good results if you commit to personal training two or three times a week for one month,” Sandra says. “It’s so important to train regularly – it’s been proven that training results are lessened if the next session does not take place within three days.” Whether you live here in Ibiza and are looking to kick-start a healthy training program, or you’re here on holiday and wanting to keep up your existing regime or get inspired to start a new one, Sandra can help you achieve realistic and effective results. Of course, improving nutrition is always going to help however Sandra says dieting is not always needed if you can simply look to eat more healthily or control portion sizes with meals. This can be assessed on a case by case basis with her clients.

As a pioneer of cutting-edge fitness techniques in Ibiza, Sandra’s training sessions can include a combination of XBT training, Piloxing or Agua Training, depending on the results you’re seeking. “These techniques also give women an inner strength,” she says. Agua Training in particular can give instant effects, as it helps reduce the water retention associated with the hot summer months by speeding up the detoxification process.

As a summer exclusive for White Ibiza readers, Sandra is offering a 75-minute personal training session plus a 60-minute massage for 170€ (normally 200€). This combination of strength and stretching also creates further body awareness. The session can be redeemed at any time in 2018 (depending on Sandra’s availability) however must be booked between July 2 and 18, 2018. Contact Sandra on the link below or email info@personal-training-ibiza.com to start the journey to feeling well today.