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There is a famous saying that says our bodies are our gardens, and we are the gardeners. For leading Ibiza personal trainer Sandra Albuschat of Personal Training Ibiza, this is the perfect analogy for the path to health and happiness. Starting a personal training regime is indeed a journey: to change your body, to change your mind and to change your life. And while it can be easy to make excuses to put it off in summer (it’s too hot, you’re on holiday, you’re too busy, the list goes on), when you see the proven results Sandra elicits from her client base, it’s even easier to find the motivation to start.

Highly qualified, Sandra has been working in the sports industry for over 25 years, and training clients in Ibiza since 2004. She continually updates her certifications and remains at the top of her game. A walking, talking example of understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle balance, Sandra is a 45-year old busy working mother who makes time for health and wellness. It is simply that by knowing just how good she feels when she works out, trains and feels fit, she can allow herself the flexibility to treat herself. Most importantly, Sandra has the knowledge and experience to guide her clients in this direction too – an ongoing fitness journey is all about making step by step changes to feel good in your body. After all, there are some habits, such as sport, that are actually good for you!

The first step is to get in touch and make an appointment for your first session with Sandra. It’s during this first 90-minute appointment that Sandra really gets to know you, from your initial goals and motivation for personal training to your fitness levels, dietary habits, medical history, blood pressure, posture, lifestyle and more. Once she has a good overview of your personal situation, Sandra works on a case-by-case basis to put your personal puzzle together. There really is no one size fits all approach to training, and this is where her expertise comes into play.

After the analysis, you’ll get to work right away on an individually tailored, results-driven exercise programme designed to lead you to your personal goals. Training takes place in your home, villa, on the beach, in the countryside – the choice is yours. With Ibiza as your training ground, you can choose to exercise with the sparkling Mediterranean in the background, be immersed in the natural beauty of the countryside or simply remain in the convenience of your own home base. With as little as one training session per week, you will start to see changes in your body and mind alike. Upgrade to two or three sessions per week and you’ll reach your health and wellbeing goals even faster.

The term ‘personal trainer’ can often conjure up images of a military style leader barking orders at their clients, pushing them to their limits, or indeed, beyond. Sandra does not believe in this style of training; hers is more encouraging, motivating, empowering and inspirational. It is not her aim to ‘break’ you, which requires days to recover and rebuild damage muscles – with Sandra’s guidance and help, it is all about taking things one step at a time. Muscle strength and flexibility should be gradually increased and Sandra brings you to your personal best naturally, taking into consideration the physical condition of your body in addition to your mental health. She believes personal training should be challenging and fun, but definitely never painful or something to fear. The idea is that you naturally learn to love your sessions; once you start to realise how good you feel afterwards, you will happily continue week after week.

The fun part comes via a series of cutting edge new training techniques and equipment designed to deliver optimum results, including Piloxing and XBT, combined with Sandra’s motivational training style. The former is the fitness trend taking Hollywood by storm – a softly weighted pair of gloves are worn during a full body workout combining Pilates and boxing, dramatically increasing the cardio workout in addition to resistance training and resulting in a sexy, sleek and toned body. XBT is a resistance training device that is worn like a belt, with two cable pulls with steel springs attached to the hands and feet. Working with your body plus the XBT as a resistance machine, workouts are given an intensive boost – the results are so effective Sandra has seen impressive changes in a very short time. It’s a well-known fact that exercising gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy, and Sandra says the fun XBT workouts produce a lot of endorphins, making you very happy in addition to increasing your fitness levels – a win win situation!

Going above and beyond fitness trends, Sandra also boasts an in-depth knowledge of the human body and how it works and reacts to different methods of training and nutrition. She uses a unique and effective tummy training method that eclipses the standard sit-ups and crunches, teaching her clients how to really feel and tense all the muscles in the abdomen – perfect for post-baby bodies, or those who hold weight in the area. Cardio, resistance training, Piloxing, XBT, stretching, step aerobics, aqua training – there is no limit to the variety of training options available, and Sandra devises programmes for each client to maximise results, while also ensuring they never get bored by repeating the same exercises over and over again.

Sandra’s client base hails from all over the globe and are aged up to 85 years old. She has a loyal fan base of dedicated year-round clients, who have realised the benefits of regular training and continue to see developments long after they reach their initial goals. Then there are the holidaymakers who seek out her services – with the time and space to relax and unwind in Ibiza, minus the distractions of work, stress and social lives, they can finally give their bodies and health the dedication they require, a great kickstart into a training regime that can be continued when they return home to their own countries. In addition, Sandra often sees pre and post-natal women, who are looking to maintain their bodies before and after pregnancy, plus sports people, celebrities and many more.

With regular personal training sessions, changes in the body and mind appear like an evolution over time and may not be instantly obvious when you’re looking in the mirror on a day-to-day basis. For this reason, Sandra encourages her personal training clients to keep visual track of their progress throughout their individual journeys, to use later on when looking at ‘before and after’ results. During the initial consultation, she suggests taking a photo of yourself (on your own mobile phone to guarantee 100-percent discretion) and for those with stiffness, injuries or flexibility issues, a short video to capture your movements is advised. As you begin to reach your goals, these images and videos can be recreated and referred back to, to compare the difference – the satisfaction at seeing, in addition to feeling, the changes in your body is unbeatable!

The benefits of one to one training with Sandra Albuschat are remarkable. Tailored to your body, your energy levels, your fitness levels, and with the ultimate attention to detail, her motivational, encouraging style makes it easy to turn up and give your best at each session. For those who prefer group training sessions, but would still like to train Sandra’s expert guidance, she also runs a series of group classes and programmes such as Mama Fitness, Weight Loss and Beach Body Challenges among others. Reaching your goals is all part of the process, but the journey never ends, no matter what your age. Sandra empowers all her clients to live healthy and happy lifestyles, working towards their body goals in a positive and effective way – the key is to discover the life changing benefits of health, strength and self confidence to feel fit and well in your body.

Photography by Jennifer Arndt Photography

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