Let’s talk about sex baby… with Jordi Oller

Ask anyone what they want from life, and they are most likely to say they want to be, happy, healthy, and live a long life. Jordi Oller, a Sexological Bodyworker for seven years, has dedicated his life to looking for alternative, yet regulated techniques to help people attain this. Through the medium of sexuality, Jordi guides his clients on a journey of self-discovery, to help them find true happiness, and ‘feel good.’

Jordi describes sexuality as a ‘motorway to transformation that can be applied to all areas of life.’ As humans are inherently sexual beings, sexuality is the overarching concept which connects the three key pillars, which lead us to attain happiness: Pleasure, health and wisdom, or the ability to develop and transform ourselves through new experiences. These three pillars, interlinked with sexuality, allows for a completely holistic approach, linking mind, body and soul.

Whilst many of the insights in Jordi’s work are ancient, (Tantra is over 4,000 years old) and much of it he believes to be ‘common sense’, his work is still very pioneering; sex is often a taboo subject in today’s society, and this style of treatment is bold, and requires complete openness. Through treatment, Jordi aims to give people the tools they need to heal themselves, as he guides them on an intimate journey of self-discovery.

Sexuality treated in a professional and serious manner, in order for enjoyment, healing and learning

Sex is a delicate, intimate and personal subject, and Jordi’s priority is to always ensure his clients feel completely comfortable and secure. After an initial consultation, he uses a diverse range of techniques to help clients achieve their goals. These techniques may include, conversation, meditation, mapping or exploration, massage, breathing, movement, voice and kegal exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Tantra, coaching and sexological bodywork

Tantra, the ancient art of happiness; Coaching, the science of achieving goals; and Sexological Bodywork, transformation through sex and pleasure, are the three paradigms, or frameworks, Jordi uses to help his clients understand, learn from, and change a behaviour, or thought pattern, to lead to a new outcome. He believes in the importance of using a variety of frameworks, to help clients see their perceived issues and reality, from a range of perspectives, and gain a rounded view.

Jordi Oller: Sex coach, sexual educator, tantra guide, masseur and Sexological Bodyworker

Jordi believes a lifetime of training, experience and personal circumstances, have helped him transform and shape both himself and his career.  “I am coherent: what I apply to others I apply to myself, and I enjoy seeing the results and always learning.”

After suffering from impotence at 15, and later spending three years in psycho-sexual therapy, Jordi is sympathetic and understanding of his clients’ issues. His years of therapy (and the mounting cost) lead him to discover and study new techniques, including Sexological Bodywork, so he could create a style of therapy to streamline his clients’ recovery, and help them help themselves.

Jordi’s training and qualifications include:

•    Sexological Bodywork at the International Institute of Sexological Bodywork IISB
•    Certified Sexual Educator and Sex Coach training with Joseph Kramer
•    Ontological Coaching by the Escuela Internacional de Coaching.
•    Tantric Guide at the Osho Meditation Resort (India)
•    Certified Holistic Masseuse