Shakti Power: Be the queen of your own life

Bestselling author, inspirational speaker, sacred dancer, and award-winning entrepreneur at Shakti Priestess – Zinnia Gupte is an inspirational powerhouse for women all over the globe. An awakened woman who practices what she preaches, she is dedicated to helping women discover their authenticity and awaken their sacred feminine power in a variety of ways through her brand Shakti Priestess.

The Shakti Priestess brand was conceived here on the magical island of Ibiza, where Zinnia experienced her own complete personal transformation while going through a divorce in 2011, however her mission extends worldwide. “I believe every woman has the power to create a beautiful life she desires and deserves,” she explains of the concept. “Ibiza is the place I reclaimed my power and woke up to my mission and the life I was meant to live and it’s where I recharge and reconnect with the source.”

So what exactly is Shakti? “It’s a sacred feminine power fully embodying strength, life force, beauty and grace,” says Zinnia. “Shakti is all about powering up your life. Living a sacred, sensual and soulful journey. It is about change, growth, discovery, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, discovering your soul power, learning to see clearly and listening to the voice of your heart.” Understanding that all women are going through their own unique experiences, Zinnia believes we are all awakening and aims to create a safe space to share these experiences.

Her online mentorship programs, podcasts, guided meditations and upcoming Sacred Feminine Oracle cards are accessible to women everywhere. Private and group coaching is also available. “I teach the four powers: intuitive power, personal power, creative sexual power and manifesting power.” There are different levels for different people, and it’s important to Zinnia that she nourishes her clients in a truthful, honest and encouraging way. “I’m not going to rush anyone,” she says. “My path is gentle, but it’s also fierce. If you choose to work with me, I’m not all light and love. I’m going to hold you accountable for what you’ve come to me for as a mentor. I can’t let you slide. If you’re not authentic with yourself, or slip into old patterns, I will gently remind you of that.”

Zinnia’s publishing journey includes her latest book – “Shakti Power: Awakening Your Inner Goddess” – due to be published in the coming months, giving women an additional way to tap into her empowering techniques and rituals. The book tells her own inspirational Ibiza-based story while teaching readers to create the life of their dreams by awakening their inner power, beauty, intuition and magic.

Zinnia believes – and is living proof – that women can have it all, and deserve it all. If you can’t wait to get your teeth into “Shakti Power” however, you can also read tales of Zinnia’s journey in three unique anthologies created for women: Women of Midlife Wisdom 2, Inspiration For A Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy and Unleashing Your Inner Magnificence.

Zinnia’s clients hail from all corners of the globe, with different backgrounds, experiences and all seeking different things. Whether coming out of a divorce, wanting to create their own business, seeking to manifest more money, desiring success in their lives or looking to reconnect with their desires again and identify what they really want, Zinnia’s rituals, tools, podcasts and systems initiate transformation. “My mantra is ‘Shine your light, share your gifts, empower others,” Zinnia says. “I try to give a deep heart connection to people wherever I am and provide the same container of feeling safe, the way mother Ibiza holds me, no matter where I am.”

With so many women looking up to her, who does Zinnia look to for inspiration and support? “It’s all about people who walk the talk. I have my own dream team!” This includes her visionary publisher Linda Joy of Inspired Living Publishing; her mentor and teacher, renowned Flowdreaming creator Summer McStravick (previously of Hay House) and public figures like Deepak Chopra, Danielle LaPorte and Marianne Williamson. Beyond modern-day figures, Zinnia – who is constantly updating her training – also looks to the past, citing the Eastern queens and Cleopatra – who owned their feminine power but didn’t play by masculine rules – as ancient icons she is currently learning a lot from.

“I’m learning from this archetype right now because the Queen inside us is unafraid,” Zinnia explains. “She rules her life from a place of abundance, claims her power, builds resources and wealth, voices her inner authority and values self-respect, honour, dignity and loyalty above all else. I want to teach women to step into leadership roles and the Queen makes that happen.”

Living her own life to the fullest, Zinnia is a living, breathing example of Shakti power. “I’m the queen of my life,” she says. “I want to manifest my dreams and I have a year plan, a five-year plan and a ten-year plan. How this flows is up to the universe but I do have a vision. This year I’ll be speaking more and spreading the teachings of Shakti at conferences, radio shows, telesummits, interviews and podcasts.”

“When I’m in New York, I focus and manifest quickly, but I also understand I need to let this intensity go and surrender to nature. When I am in Ibiza I go with the feminine flow.”

Zinnia quotes from her latest story ‘Dancing With Joy’ from the book, Cultivating Joy, “Inside every woman there is a magnetic force, a fountain of power and joy just waiting for her to be brave enough to touch it. She can create anything with this power: a life she loves and deserves, full of joy, passion and purpose. Every woman has this power this wisdom, this vision. And it is medicine for the world.”