Spirit of Ibiza – The path to transformation

Island massage therapists and Reiki practitioners Matt and Sergio are the brains – and healing hands – behind the newest mobile wellness service in Ibiza, Spirit of Ibiza. With the current global shift awakening to alternative therapies and trusted ancient practices, the co-founders felt the call to address the needs of the island and create a company with an array of holistic, wellness and spiritual therapies. Thus, Spirit of Ibiza was born and a team of expertly chosen and highly qualified specialists in the areas of yoga, wellbeing, body, beauty, energy and spirituality, came together.

Matt and Sergio made the permanent move to Ibiza a few years ago, after consciously deciding to change their life direction drastically, and enter the path of healing. Matt, hailing from the UK, comes from a prosperous career in digital marketing, spanning ten years with the likes of Google and Facebook. “If I wasn’t happy with these amazing companies, I wasn’t going to be happy in London,” he explains. “So I decided to retrain as a massage therapist. I needed a U-turn, the opposite. What’s the opposite of media, marketing and sales? Working in the realm of healing, one on one. It’s your own personal journey as opposed to your story being told by working with corporate companies which didn’t interest me at all.”

Sergio, who comes from the north of Spain, spent many years in the cosmopolitan cities of Madrid and Barcelona working as a painter – more specifically, an artist by trade. Dragged down by city life, the business and not living in a cycle of peace, he decided to relocate to Ibiza. While being an artist will always be a part of him, the gifts are always in his hands. “If you paint, you are intuitive and with this, I felt the inspiration to master the art of Reiki. I have tools – my hands – I must use the talents I have been given.”

The duo’s shared dream behind Spirit of Ibiza was to offer an array of different therapies and treatments and not solely focus on just one service. “So often people come on holiday and ask for massage or beauty services,” Matt says. “There really is so much the island has to offer, including so many unknown therapies and treatments that are really quite groundbreaking, relatively unknown or people just don’t have access to them – we wanted to bring together a wider range of services under one roof.”

The team behind Spirit of Ibiza consists of experienced and talented therapists, renowned on the island as the best in their respective treatment fields and known for their enthusiasm and passion, to ensure only the best treatments and therapeutic experiences for their clients. All therapists live on the island all year round and are here because they love the island, and they love what they do.

Offering a vast selection of therapies is no understatement; there is truly something for everyone within Spirit of Ibiza’s treatment and therapy menu. To name a few, choose from shiatsu, Thai, reflexology, and deep tissue massages or partake in an aerial yoga class, challenge your balance in the sea during a stand-up paddleboard class, feel the burn with a personal training session or work it out on the mat in one of the many Pilates classes on offer. Delve deep into body therapy with acupuncture, cupping, osteopathy, cranial sacral therapy or kinesiology. Or experience energy work through Reiki, crystal healing, shamanic therapies and chakra balancing.

When asked their personal favourite treatments, Matt discusses the relaxing and energising effects of sound bath meditation while Sergio favours Bio-Magnetic Therapy; a service that works deep within your body and reacts to the ph levels internally.

Beyond the well-known and highly-requested treatments are lesser known therapies such as tarot readings, psychics, numerology and past life regression among others. “Everything we offer is positive,” explains Matt. “There is not one negative connotation to anything we do.” Readings can be a profound empowering experience, garnering self-acceptance, manifesting more drive with a truly magical outcome. By offering these types of readings to clients, Matt and Sergio hope to share their positive outcomes so that others can experience it too.

Spirit of Ibiza is completely mobile, and there is nowhere they won’t go! Sit back and relax while the team designs the perfect retreat for your holiday on your yacht, villa or hotel. Balance out the late nights on the isle with days of pure relaxation and bliss to keep you grounded and centered throughout your holiday. Clients can pick and choose what they want to experience, and a custom made program is designed just for them. For Matt and Sergio and their handpicked team of experts, the ethos is to deliver what the client wants and needs, when and where they want it. Accessible pricing, professionalism and a quality experience during your path to wellness and transformation is all part of the package.