The Body Camp Ibiza – Having it all holistically

The Body Camp is the hottest new retreat ticket in Ibiza this year, attracting people from all walks of life to the island for a transformational holistic experience. After all, life is all about finding the perfect balance…

The program – set within boutique luxury villa in the hills of San Juan – provides guests with a range of holistic activities including fitness but is by no means exclusively fitness orientated; your mind and soul also get a work out. In addition to putting your body through its paces you’ll also sing, meditate and learn how to create clean, conscious, nutritious meals to takeaway back to your world.

As an expert who worked in more traditional boot camps for the UK’s top three military companies and has consulted on and ran hundreds of retreats in Europe and LA, The Body Camp founder Kate Whale really knows her stuff when it comes to packing a good punch on the retreat front.

Perhaps what’s most important is she understands not only what the body needs, but also how it, and the mind, reacts to training experiences, and what is craves in terms of nourishment and support. Positivity is a big deal throughout the camp.

“I knew when I started The Body Camp I was going to create something different,” she says. “It’s about re-educating people with the simple stuff that we all forget as life goes on around us.”

“Some of the London crowd are super wealthy and successful but get carried away with the lifestyle and over indulge in all areas. Drinking or partying every now and again isn’t a problem, but if you do it every night there are repercussions. Someone might be highly strung when they arrive, but by the time they leave they’re saying, ‘Oh my God – who was I then? What’s been going on?’ It’s a major reset for a lot of people.”

The Body Camp is designed to be an enriching experience set in the glorious confines of a beautifully refurbished finca. With polished concrete floors, high ceilings, private corners, teepees and a gorgeous courtyard with pond, the perfect pool completes the picture postcard scenery.

“We wanted it to be a sexy place,” said Kate. “I’ve worked on hundreds of retreats and some of them can be a bit naff inside, a bit like a hotel or too corporate. We wanted to create something in the middle – high-end boutique luxury. And it’s completely exclusive because it’s tucked away in the hills.”

All rooms in the villa are spacious and feature en suites bathrooms, luxuriously decorated with all mod cons, robes, towels, sarongs and chemical-free shampoo and conditioner.

This chance to reset yourself with a full holistic mix of treatments and training amongst Ibiza’s magical scenery almost sounds like a glamorous holiday – but it’s a results-driven holiday that is open to everyone.

“We’ve realised that we cater for everybody, at any ability,” Kate says. “We’ve had 70 year olds, 16 year olds who’ve been bullied at school, and everyone in between; unfit and can’t get off the sofa, or those who run marathons.”

“It’s a tricky week for a lot of people; they are often very tired and a bit scratchy, and can’t switch off from work. But by the end of the week a lot of groups get really emotional because they’ve shared so much. Sometimes in life, you’re not able to talk about stuff, but here you can. We really help people; not just with their fitness, but at their core, with their emotions and their confidence. It’s been a dream come true seeing people share their experiences and leave happy. We know we’re doing a great job, we know we have a good offer and we know people have a good time – it’s magic.”