Ibiza wellness: Make your goals stick by The Body Camp

The Body Camp runs life changing holistic health and fitness retreats, but after seven days away from home the next most important goal is to make it stick.

Europe’s number one master coach, partner and program creator at The Body Camp Ibiza, Rick Parcell gives you all the tools you need to implement lasting change, and focus on the following eight key areas.

1. Focus: Set goals, put your goals in writing, and keep your goals in mind daily by reading them, affirming them, and creating and looking at a vision board.

2. Priorities: Put your goal at the top of your priorities list. If your goal is six pack abs, but drinking beer and eating fast food at the weekend is higher on your priorities, you’ll never get a flat stomach.

3. Support: Don’t go at it alone. A buddy system, training partners, your family, spouse, friends, mentors or coaches are all there to turn to for emotional support.

4. Accountability: Keep score for your own accountability with a progress chart, weight record, measurements, food journal and training journal, and set up external accountability by reporting your results to someone else.

5. Patience: Don’t think short term or have unrealistic expectations. If you expect to lose 10 pounds a week and at ‘only’ one or two pounds hit a plateau, you’re likely to give up.

6. Planning: Don’t walk into the gym and wing it. Have a workout in hand and plan your workouts into your weekly schedule; otherwise you might find yourself making the excuse, “I’m too busy”!

7. Balance: Don’t go for an extreme diet or training program and expect things now. Moderate, slow-and-steady wins the race.

8. Personalisation: Your nutrition or training program must suit your schedule, personality, lifestyle, disposition and body type.

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