Ibiza wellness: Tips to keep in shape while travelling by The Body Camp

Europe’s number one master Rick Parcell coach – partner and program creator at The Body Camp Ibiza, the island’s first all-season luxury fitness retreat – knows a thing or two about keeping in shape when you travel.

Here he shares his top six on not ruining all of your pre-holiday hard work in getting into shape and improving your diet.

1. Set a goal to come home in better shape than when you left.
This is ultimately the key. When most people travel they surrender to stress, fast food and busy schedules, so next time you’re on the road – be it for a holiday or work commitments – set a goal to come back in better shape than when you left. You’re not going to make huge shifts in body composition over a short trip but you might burn a pound or two of fat. You might look better when you get back and might get stronger. You might break a personal record in the gym!

2. Have a plan and schedule your time tightly.
Don’t just wing it when you get there. No matter where you are, you must have a written meal plan and a training plan and schedule it into your calendar. You schedule other appointments in your diary so why not include appointments with the gym and the kitchen? Whenever your usual environment or routine changes, simply create a new plan or modify your usual one to accommodate these changes.

3. Book accommodation with a kitchen and go food shopping.
The king of nutrition strategies on all extended trips is to have a kitchen. So many people complain about how hard it is to eat healthily when traveling, but if you have a kitchen and go food shopping, your meal planning and prep is no different to when you’re home. If you’re on a particularly strict nutrition plan, I recommend a portable food cooler and some Tupperware to keep it fresh during the day like most top bodybuilders and physique athletes.

4. Take snacks, portable foods and mini-meals on busy days.

If you’re on business with a very tight schedule, plan ahead. Sometimes, a formal sit down meal is not possible or convenient, but you do have options. Learn how to make a variety of portable meals, like oatmeal pancakes, tuna burgers and healthy sandwiches to eat in the car, on a plane or even while sitting in a seminar room. Fruit and nuts are available almost everywhere and if you pack protein shakes or meal replacements, eating on the go is easy.

5. Seek local gyms and hotel fitness facilities in advance.
You don’t have to skip a beat in your training when travelling – all it takes is some planning. Where are you going to exercise when you arrive at your destination? Naturally, this depends on your personality and training style. I know quite a few people who are willing and able to work out anywhere – even in their hotel room with no equipment at all.

6. Make every problem a non-recurring event.
Even well laid plans can fall apart due to unexpected events, from flight delays to meetings running late. Don’t beat yourself up – it’s not your fault if that happens, once. If it happens twice then you can look in the mirror and see who’s to blame for the recurring problem.

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