Ibiza wellness: The Goddess Alliance – Working from the heart

When Valeriiya Morsova and Irina Bortnikova – the guiding forces behind Ibiza’s newest innovative retreat brand, The Goddess Alliance – came together, they felt it was no coincidence. With a strong connection to the island and an urgency to empower women worldwide, the co-founders established a revolutionary retreat format that seeks to dissolve the boundaries between spirituality and everyday life, thus working to realign energy, rediscover the power of one’s true inner goddess and teach sustainable practices and methods to carry on through life.

“The energy of Ibiza completely opened myself to my deepest fears, intimate sources and I discovered my true self on my journey of personal self-healing,” says The Goddess Alliance founding creative director and long-term Ibiza resident Irina Bortnikova when asked about the decision to start the retreat here in Ibiza. It’s no secret the island has a distinct and grandiose energy, attracting spiritual leaders and renowned healers worldwide to follow their life’s most meaningful work. Through The Goddess Alliance, Irina hopes to share this with others. “Everything is inside of ourselves – your goddess, your awakening, your source, your strength, your special energy – and by coming to Ibiza and retreating with us, you can rediscover this.”

Transformational coach, shamanic practitioner and founding partner of The Goddess Alliance Valeriiya Morsova also attributes Ibiza to much of her self-discovery and her journey of reigniting with her authenticity and harnessing real power. After moving to the island four years ago with her newborn daughter, her recollections of the island’s effects on her are strong. “Ibiza is where I learned the power that lies within the heart space,” she says. “I was hit with a surge of truth where I had nowhere else to run but myself, to face the unintegrated parts of my soul.”

The duo’s shared dream and mission of The Goddess Alliance is to offer an array of tailormade bespoke retreat programs that are focused on a particular subject matter, depending on the dynamic of the group in two, four and six-day formats. The program includes a cultural, gastronomic, architectural and art history experience that directly relates to a spiritual and self-awareness program. By filling out an in-depth questionnaire from The Goddess Alliance website from the privacy and comfort of your home, Irina and Valeriiya then create a custom group of like-minded individuals who can help each other grow.

By sourcing and collaborating with world renowned healers and high-quality shamans from Mexico and Peru, The Goddess Alliance unites everyone under one roof – a luxurious Ibiza villa – and the real work begins. Forget climbing a mountain in Peru or travelling deep into the Amazon jungle to find your ‘spirituality’ – here in Ibiza, The Goddess Alliance brings everything to you, so you don’t even have to lift a finger!

One workshop in particular, ‘Awaken Your Illuminated Heart’, aims to educate on your own biology and quantum field, teach meditative techniques and how to access your heart to re-establish a connection with your higher self and to anchor unconditional love into your body. It is a sacred and safe space for like-minded women to heal and embrace trauma, fear and pain and return to a place of inner clarity, vitality and emotion.

The intensive four-day workshop is spent learning guided meditations, energy attunement, realising the difference between a state of fear and a state of love and how important love is for the process of healing. Lectures and talks break down the ‘ego vs. heart’ dilemma and through this one begins to harness the power to create a reality based on conscious dreams.

Outside of scheduled lectures, workshops and classes, participants are invited to enjoy the lush villa surroundings and beautiful Ibiza countryside. Nightly hikes, scheduled walks and sunset picnics at Ibiza’s most emblematic spots including Es Vedra and Las Salinas are organised and should one wish to participate in a supervised and guided shamanic cleansing ritual, this can also can be arranged. Gourmet chefs are on hand for breakfast, lunch and dinner to keeps energy levels high and ensure everyone is pleasantly nourished with delicious, fresh, seasonal vegetarian cuisine, sourced locally from the island of abundance.

A star feature of The Goddess Alliance retreat is the focus on re-integration following the experience. Too often, we experience an epiphany or an awakening but upon leaving a retreat and entering the ‘real world’ – all is lost, or we feel a loss of identity because there was no time to learn the integration of new information. The final two days of The Goddess Alliance retreats solely focus on methods and practices to take back into daily life. Upon finishing the retreat, you are armed with a myriad of integrative practices, local support groups plus an online community for information sharing and asking questions to ensure you feel comfortable practicing everything learned and realised.

The vibe of the Goddess Alliance is warm and empowering, bringing together women who want to return to themselves and no longer lose their energy to the external circumstances of life. The team behind the retreat program is excited to offer a system that helps arrive at this sacred space, to help you reach your highest potential and heal and love yourself from within.

Contact irinabortnikova@yahoo.es or valeriiyamorosova@gmail.com for more information and to reserve your place on a retreat.

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