Ibiza wellness: The Inner State Retreat – Transform your universe

What if someone told you that your entire universe could change in just four days? Would you laugh? Would you be skeptical? Or would you feel totally intrigued? Island-based life coach Kelly Morgan is indeed that someone and her newly developed retreat The Inner State is the place where this transformation can take place. It’s not a catchphrase, a gimmick or a trick. This is Kelly’s call to action and she’s currently inviting people to join her in Ibiza to commit to making a difference in their own lives.

Taking place from November 5 to 8, 2017 in the stunning surrounds of Agroturismo Atzaró, The Inner State retreat accepts just ten participants to ensure maximum personalised attention and meticulously tailored results. For those islanders who feel drawn to attend the retreat but wish to stay in their own homes, non-residential spaces are also available, though of course, you’re also welcome to treat yourself to a staycation at the beautiful hotel. After four days with Kelly and her handpicked team of wellness professionals, you can return home to start your new life, without any fear of falling back into the same old patterns and habits.

No matter what element of your life you’re looking to change, The Inner State retreat is geared towards identifying your own personal challenges and learning how to turn them around. It could be that you’re stuck in a job you’ve been longing to leave, but don’t have the courage to start out on your own. You might find yourself grappling with tougher than tough business decisions. Maybe it’s time to end a relationship that’s run its course. Or to deal with a break-up or a devastating loss. It could be you need the motivation to lose that weight that just doesn’t seem to shift. Perhaps you’re sick, run-down, have zero energy and need to break out of a rut?

If any of the above sounds familiar, Kelly’s carefully devised retreat programme can help. “The one thing my clients have in common is that they all feel a need to get away,” she says. “They’ve had enough of what is going on in their lives right now and want to commit to making a change. They don’t want a flash in the pan approach but they want a big shift, and quickly. On this retreat, your universe really can change in four days. People ask me how I can guarantee that, and I say as long as you are totally ready to put your life in your own hands and to do the work required, we are one thousand per cent there to enable you to make the transformation.”

Kelly’s expertise in the field of retreats and life coaching comes as a result of living and learning – after more than a decade spent working in a high-flying banking job, she found herself unhappy, burnt out and seeking change. She followed her gut instinct and relocated to Ibiza, where she set up one of the Europe’s premier retreat companies, 38 Degrees North. Through her work on these retreats – which were primarily fitness and health related – and finding many of her clients opening up to her about the challenges in her lives whilst under her care, Kelly started to feel another calling. One to truly empower people make a change in their lives. This led her to set up her own empowerment-coaching business in 2015, which consequently led her to the development of The Inner State retreat.

“I’ve hosted loads of retreats, from detox and yoga to fitness, and they’re all great but are more about looking and feeling good. With The Inner State retreat I want to offer something different,” she explains. “I want people to get the chance to connect with themselves and make the changes they really want to make. What happens often on retreats is people have great ideas while relaxing, but then they go back home and just keep doing the same things. I really want to enable people to make these changes.” Her own extensive coaching training has seen her travel the globe to seek out the knowledge of some of the world’s most foremost experts in life coaching, including the renowned American performance and behaviour specialist Dr John Demartini, however upon meeting Dr Nicolas Proupain, Kelly discovered a coaching process she believes truly works like no other.

This process, dubbed the University of Life, is the star of The Inner State retreat and an incredible chance for participants to dig deep into their personal reserves and identify and clear any negative elements or blockages that are holding them back from reaching their true potential. “The University of Life is a full day process that takes place from 9am until midnight (or later) with myself and Nicolas,” Kelly explains. “This is when clients will experience their a-ha! moment. We spend the morning going through universal laws and how they apply to your life. Then we apply a process for each person to work through individually to clear past emotions or experiences that are occupying their mind – this clearing creates clarity on the reason why you were born: your life purpose.”

While it may sound a little esoteric, the process is firmly rooted in clinical research. Dr Proupain has spent 25 years working in the field and has determined that when people identify their life purpose, they go on to achieve optimal physical, mental, social and financial health. He thus developed this workshop – which normally costs 1500€ per session and is incorporated in the cost of this retreat – to help each person find their true calling and be present in day-to-day life. By exploring your experiences and emotions, your future direction becomes clear. “It’s not easy. And it’s going to mess with your mind,” Kelly says in an all-knowing way. “But in a good way. At the end of it all, you get to a point where you’re grateful for the crap that happened to you.”

All meals are included within the cost of The Inner State retreat, taking place in the many dining spaces of Atzaró. The hotel’s in-house restaurant adopts a km0 philosophy wherever possible, growing their own organic vegetables and fruits onsite and sourcing everything else as locally and seasonally as possible. There really isn’t a more perfect setting for a retreat such as this than Atzaró – in addition to gorgeous home-away-from-home style dwellings, the luxurious boutique hotel offers plenty of beautiful corners, daybeds, swimming pools and gardens for you to take time out for yourself when needed. Guests also receive access to the world-class spa, where a variety of optional pampering and indulgent treatments and massages are also available.

On completion of The Inner State retreat, guests will return to ‘reality’ with a clear vision of where they want to be and the tools to help them achieve the life transformation they desire. Kelly also offers a series of follow-up support calls as part of the package to ensure you stay on the right track. “Everything will flow a lot quicker and easier when you get home,” she says. “But it’s important to have that support.” That old adage ‘life is what you make it’ is really proven over the four-day retreat experience – sometimes it just takes a time out from your current life to realise your life’s full potential.

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