Ibiza yoga: Top 10 Ibiza yoga teachers

Ibiza has become well-known as a yoga destination in recent years and as the wellness sector continues to expand, yogis from all over the world are flocking here to practice, learn, retreat and indeed, teach. The search to find the right yoga teacher is a deeply personal one, as there is no one size fits all approach to practice and with so many teachers offering so many different styles of classes in Ibiza, it can be hard to know where to begin.

From Ashtanga and Bikram to Kundalini and Aeroyoga, plus a plethora of styles in between, the yoga scene in Ibiza offers something for everyone. Get a head start on finding your perfect instructor by reading our in-depth interview series with Ibiza’s top 10 yoga teachers. Find out what makes them tick, learn how their own practices developed and be inspired by tales of their unique yogic journeys.

Jacqueline Purnell

Yogashala Ibiza

Regional Training Officer for the renowned British Wheel of Yoga in London and founder of Yogashala Ibiza, Jacqueline Purnell’s yoga journey has seen her traverse the globe, educating and training yogis and teachers alike.

Ayda Koc


Ayda Koc is not your every day yogi. Described by Kate Winslet as ‘the teacher who got under her skin’, she goes beyond an every day practice to help her students unlock their fullest potential – be it physically, emotionally, spiritually, professionally.

Awa Baidi

The Temple, Hotel Xereca

Awa Baidi’s journey to become a yoga teacher is far removed from the usual. Her style is based on respect, humility, equality and patience, and she likes to take students to the point when one feels strong and free in each asana.

Nora Belton

Spirit Body Yoga

Nora Belton was always attracted to a life less ordinary. Today she hosts Sivananda style teacher training courses and and works closely with people in recovery, believing yoga is ultimately a tool for happiness.

Trish Whelan

Soul Adventures

It was a shift in consciousness that saw Trish Whelan swap her rock and roll lifestyle for an existence based around healing, happiness and bliss. Today, she is a Kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and Shamanic healer.

Sebastien Carincotte

Hot Yoga Ibiza

Founder of beautiful island studio Hot Yoga Ibiza, Sebastien Carincotte experienced his first Bikram yoga class in 2006 and came out a changed man, connected with the yoga practice, with himself and later, with the universe.

Nuria Schneider

Ibiza Mysore

Nuria Schneider came to yoga via a serendipitous route when an unexpected solo trip to India changed her life. It was there she first discovered yoga and thus began a lifelong relationship, leading her to open Ibiza’s very first Mysore yoga studio.

Susie Howell

Ibiza Retreats

One half of the powerhouse female duo behind Ibiza Retreats, UK-born yoga instructor Susie Howell began her relationship with her yoga mat while working in advertising and suffering from anxiety…

Larah Davis

Ibiza Retreats

Yoga instructor, yoga therapist and founder of Ibiza Retreats, Larah Davis’s journey into the wellness world came through injury. Today, she is renowned as one of Ibiza’s leading wellness experts and feels she is living her true purpose.

Monica Costa


Yoga was not a natural calling for Monica Costa. It was more like a slow burner, and on discovering the contemporary practice of Aeroyoga, her fire was finally lit, and now it burns bright from her beautiful and colourful studio in Ibiza town.

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