Ibiza wellness: Top 5 Ibiza therapists

Ibiza’s reputation as a place for healing grows stronger with each new year. Perhaps it is the island’s energy that has attracted so many healers, shaman, massage experts, sound therapists, breathworkers and other wellness professionals to her shores; or maybe they felt the calling to be of service to those visitors and residents in need. Whatever the reason may be, it’s essential to do your homework when searching for a therapist who truly resonates with your needs.

Our in-depth interview series with Ibiza’s top five therapists gives you the inside scoop on what makes these unique individuals tick, how they honed their skills and who their services are most suited to. Be inspired by their unique wellness journeys and enlist them to help on yours…

Annika Sukup

Never Mind, Just Be

A highly-trained Shiatsu practitioner, Annika Sukup also offers services including cupping, massage and one-to-one yoga training, all guided with a calm presence, a knowledgeable spirit, and a dedication to bringing effortless harmony back into the souls and minds of her clients.

Iuri Soham

Soham Seeds of Light

Specialising in a range of massage, yoga, sound baths and meditation, multi-faceted mental, spiritual and physical therapist Iuri Nencioni uses skills honed around the globe to help clients forge a deeper connection with themselves, and in turn, the planet.

Barbara Herbrandt

Massage, Reconnective Healing, Metamorphic Technique, 5Rhythms, Shamanic Dance, Breathwork and more

Barbara Herbrandt is one of the island’s leading healers – a woman with soul in her spirit and an unstoppable desire to dance, who leads clients on a harmonious journey that starts with the body, soaks up the heart and ultimately, ends with the mind.

Ayda Koc

Healing Arts by Ayda Koc

A healing arts session with Ayda Koc can encompass anything from shamanic healing, traditional solutions-based therapy and EFT (tapping) to tantra, yoga and sound healing and more, with her strength, warmth and down-to-earth honesty making it easy to trust in her completely.

Michelle McLaughlin

Shell Therapy Massage

Michelle McLaughlin specialises in a range of diverse massage techniques, and also leads Wataflow sessions – a powerful underwater process that can lead clients to confront fears and inner trauma, and in some cases, feel entirely reborn.