Top Hill Retreats: The best for the best

The calendar of retreats in Ibiza is plentiful to say the least – but to find the retreat that is j-u-s-t right for you isn’t that simple. After all, it’s not just about the training, the yoga or the overall results – there’s also the quality of accommodation, the cuisine and the personalisation to consider. For many people, the entire combination doesn’t always add up. And this, is where the high-end new Top Hill Retreats come into the equation.

The Top Hill Retreats concept is simple. The best of the best, for the best. For those people who live busy lives and want to ensure every aspect of their retreat time is perfect; for those who seek exceptional results; for those who have the highest of standards and for those who want to experience the ultimate of retreats in Ibiza. A collaboration between professional trainer and yoga therapist Nicole Gibbard and Andrea Fritschi – who boasts an economics background, but importantly, much experience as a fitness enthusiast – Top Hill Retreats is a holistic concept designed for the most demanding of clients.

“Nicole is a pure professional and I come from a consumer background,” explains Andrea. “I was always addicted to going abroad and experiencing sport, fitness and yoga on retreats, but I found I was always having to compromise – it would be accommodation I might not have chosen for my holidays or with food I wouldn’t order. I was always searching for the perfect packages.”

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The duo met while Nicole was a fitness manager in Zurich’s top health clubs, also hosting retreats around the world. Boasting over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry, she is at the top of her game, as a trainer, group fitness class leader, yoga therapist and educator and is passionate about her clients incorporating health, fitness and yoga into their daily lives, bringing them a new perspective – it’s not just about a quick fix. Over the period of time she was training with Andrea, many conversations were had regarding the quality of international retreats, the expectations of high-end clients and elite fitness professionals, and it soon became obvious there was a gap in the market, and the pair were more than equipped to fill it.

To Andrea, Ibiza was the obvious choice, having been here and experienced much of what the island had to offer many times. Nicole however, had never been to the island so took a little convincing. “I couldn’t have dreamt of anything more” she says about her first time experience. “It was amazing arriving here to the villa – it was perfect, I couldn’t have dreamt of anything more. And that was just when I arrived in the valley. I didn’t really care what more was here – if this was it, if this was Ibiza for me, it was incredible.” And so Top Hill Retreats was born.

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“I soon realised there were hundreds of retreats in Ibiza,” Nicole continues. “But I felt like perfect timing for us, as we felt there was a distinct need for our exclusive style of retreat offering on the island. People from all over the world choose to come to Ibiza – for the restaurants, for the party scene, the boats and the villas, and they spend millions and millions. These people want everything to be perfect in their life and they have a connection to Ibiza… so we want to be here for these people when they want to detox, when they want to focus on fitness and mind, body and soul. We all need it, whether you’re working intensely in the business world, or are in Ibiza for the party scene. This is another way of indulging.”

These exclusive, all-inclusive retreats combine a week worth of training – choose from bootcamp or yoga style – with exceptional accommodation in a spectacular villa in the north of Ibiza, and gourmet detox diet cuisine. Training with the world’s very best trainers and instructors, including yoga superstar Ross Rayburn, Pilates legend Michael King, BodyART expert Robert Steinbacher and many many more including Nicole herself, you will be put through your paces in the most stunning locations, surrounded by nature, and your program will be tailored to suit you personally, as you get to know your trainers and they get to understand your goals and expectations. Your meals are catered by a private chef, who uses the very best local produce to create delicious, nutritious menus that are of restaurant quality.

“Everything is specific to each individual’s needs,” says Andrea. “We don’t make everyone do the same thing and we understand that each person is motivated in different ways. With the group, and with our support, people come here and push well beyond their limits. They go home looking different, feeling different, have glowing skin and seem all shiny and new – it’s so different to just a week out of your schedule to lay around eating and drinking. We want them to take home this lifestyle.”


Top Hill Retreats, Ibiza fitnes & yoga retreats

Top Hill Retreats, Ibiza fitnes & yoga retreats