Ibiza wellness: Top Ibiza therapists – Iuri Soham

Despite hailing from Florence and forging a jet-setting career in fashion that saw him working for some of the biggest names in the industry, Iuri Nencioni maintains that he’s always been considered the ‘weird, spiritual guy’. Not that he allowed this description to phase him. In fact, he was in the process of embracing the ‘other side’ of his highly-successful character when he began having visions, a turning point that led him down a more encompassing, if not altogether unexpected, spiritual path.

These experiences eventually led him to Ibiza, where he was introduced to Es Vedrá by a friend and simultaneously, felt a powerful vibrational shift. “I felt like I was reconnecting to a place I knew already,” he explains. That was seven years ago, and now Iuri is a fully fledged island resident, member of the self-professed ‘island of healers’, and a multi-faceted mental, spiritual, and physical therapist. Specialising in a range of massage, yoga, sound baths and meditation, he uses skills honed around the globe and learnt from some of the world’s most experienced healers to help clients forge a deeper connection with themselves, and in turn, the planet.

Tell us about your connection to Ibiza?
The island literally called me and dragged me here for work. I have always felt that this is my home and that’s why I decided to move here. I feel the energy on this island is really magical and that perfectly matches the way I see myself.

What led you to become a massage therapist?
After a few years practicing yoga on a regular basis, I became curious about Ayurveda and one day I decided to buy a book about it. So as always when I’m looking for inspiration, I went to a bookstore and sat myself in front of a shelf of books on the subject. One book caught my attention, and it focused on ‘the heart of the Ayurvedic massage’. A few days later, I was on a train on the way to see my mum, and as I was reading the book I began to cry. Big tears of joy were dripping down my face – it went on for over an hour. Something just touched me so deeply that I wasn’t able to deny it. I decided to email the author to express my gratitude, and she replied, informing me she was going to have a workshop within the next few days. I couldn’t miss this chance, so I enrolled on my very first workshop.

Did you expect that this would go on to become your career?
I had actually never thought about studying massage, and like the vast majority of people, I had no idea that massage was such an ancient and deep subject. So with no expectation I went to the workshop and observed the performing of the Ayurvedic Treatment of the Wandering Monks. When it was my turn to practice, I had this incredible feeling like I had been doing massage forever. I felt like I was perfectly embodying the tradition of holy men. I felt perfect. After a few days at the workshop, I went back to my regular life but something had happened. I couldn’t stop thinking about how good I felt as I was giving a treatment. I just felt so free and light. The next day I gave up my wonderful job in the fashion business without a second thought. When your awareness rises and you have a realisation of deep truth, there is no more turning back – it doesn’t even come into question.

So was becoming a teacher the next step?
Often becoming a teacher is about making your profession into a business, which is fine. But sometimes it happens another way – students appear and repeatedly ask you to teach them until you finally give up resistance and just do it. If you feel it is right to do it, of course. There is an appropriate moment for everything.

Where did you hone your expertise?
I have researched among teachers for many years, and in many different countries. I have dedicated myself to learning the ancient traditions of holy men – healers from India, China, Tibet, Bali, Japan, Vietnam – who wander from one holy place to another, offering their healing techniques to save people’s lives. For some reason, one of the last remaining of these masters decided to reveal the traditions to people outside their own lineages, so I am classified as second generation after them.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from your craft?
That a healing can only happen if the receiver is truly willing to receive it. If this doesn’t happen, there is very little I can do. The receiver always plays an active role at all times.

Who is your therapy for?
For those who want to relax and recharge their batteries. For those who want to heal the body, mind and soul. It’s for anyone who wants to have an extraordinary sensorial experience, or who need to disconnect and release the mind control. It can also be helpful for those who have specific issues to clear.

Why is it so important to take time to look after ourselves in modern life?
It is not about modern life, it’s about love. Caring is loving. The greatest gift you have is your life – not your job, your partner, your children or your lifestyle. Life is like a tree, the moment you accept your gift you want to make sure your roots are well secured in the ground so you have proper nutrients and stability. That’s how you are supposed to take care of yourself. After that, you realise that we are all so deeply connected with one another and with nature, because we are all part of the same system. So when you take care of yourself you take care of everyone. They come together, it’s one package.

Talk us through some of your treatments and their benefits.
I do full body, feet, back, head and face massages, as well as facials and energetic treatments. My most requested healing is called The Awakening, and it’s a combination of sound healing with shamanic Tibetan singing bowls and a full body massage (Indian Ayurvedic, Balinese and Thai). This has immense benefits for the body. It improves all bodily functions and brings more energy to all the systems. It improves blood circulation and oxygen levels in the tissues. It boosts elimination of toxins, strengthens skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It resets the nervous system, improving your ability to let go and release stress, rejuvenate and improve strength. The treatments make you feel and look younger and more beautiful. There are benefits for mind and soul too. I pause the control of your rational mind for a while so that you’re able to experience a very deep sense of peace. You might have lucid dreams or recall memories, feel specific feelings connected to your history. You will feel deeply restored and energised.

What changes do you note in your clients after treatments?
That is an interesting question. After a few sessions of my own treatment, The Awakening, or any others I offer, my clients experience more energy, more power, more strength. These ancient treatments might start a process in the receivers, where the body itself will begin a self-regenerative process. If the client is open for this process to begin, it will happen; if the client only wants to relax, that will happen. The overall effects include revived power and joy, more strength, and inspiration to make changes that can solve physical and emotional issues.

What is your personal wellness philosophy?
Breathe properly. Think wisely. Eat healthy. Train your body. Dare imagining the impossible. Always be happy no matter what.

How do you relate that to everyday life?
I do this every single day. Practice what you preach.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
I have a great feeling of freedom. I can decide what I want to do and who I want to see, whenever.