VitaminDrip® – Hooked up to life

As the first clinic of its kind in Ibiza, the all-new MedSpa Ibiza in the heart of Botafoch introduces a groundbreaking new therapy to the island, perfect for health-conscious residents and jet-setting visitors alike. VitaminDrip® Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy delivers replenishing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids directly into the blood stream via an IV drip – bypassing the body’s natural absorption process for optimum health and beauty results. Available in-spa or in your villa, hotel or boat via appointment.

Who is behind VitaminDrip® Ibiza? VitaminDrip® was introduced to the Ibiza market by well-travelled Ibiza resident Nina Peter-Väth, who had previously experienced VitaminDrip® therapies with her doctor in Germany. Nina – who recently launched the new MedSpa Ibiza in Botafoch – firmly believes the body can heal itself when given support with the right nutrients, and takes a natural approach to health and beauty. Realising she couldn’t access this therapy at home in Ibiza meant she identified a gap in the market, so getting VitaminDrip® on board for her luxurious wellness centre was essential Dr. Carlos Ipoutcha joined the team as medical director, providing medical consultations and services alongside the customised vitamin infusions.

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Who needs a VitaminDrip® treatment? There is a VitaminDrip® for everyone. Whether you are in need of extra hydration, an immunity boost, are seeking performance enhancing results in sport or fitness, need detoxifying or diet assistance, mood support or anti-ageing properties, Dr. Ipoutcha is on hand to create the perfect ‘cocktail’ of vitamins to suit you. Residents can look forward to weekly ‘boosters’, while holidaymakers may prefer the ‘pick-me-up’ effect of a VitaminDrip® treatment after a week on the white isle starts to take its toll. Sure, you may take vitamin supplements and eat a balanced diet, but according to VitaminDrip, the body absorbs only 15% of the vitamin via natural absorption process, meaning the rest is simply flushed out as waste.

How does VitaminDrip® work? Via the intravenous drip, the valuable nutrients contained in the ‘cocktail’ bypass the body’s absorption process and enter the bloodstream directly, resulting in improved levels of relaxation, a noticeable energy boost, radiant skin and completely enhanced feelings of wellbeing. Invented by a crack team of physicians, biochemists and physiologists to initially treat elite athletes (including Canada’s finest pro hockey players and Tiger Woods), the treatment takes a scientific approach to health and beauty and is completely safe and supervised by a doctor at all times.

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What does VitaminDrip® feel like? The process is fairly relaxing, as you kick back in a comfortable chair in the soothing, sweet smelling treatment room at MedSpa Ibiza. Of course you’ll feel the first prick of the IV being inserted into the vein, but it’s a quick and painless process. Certain vitamins produce different effects however there are generally little to no side effects. Afterwards, you’ll feel totally energised or relaxed, depending on the vitamins, completely hydrated and your skin will be smoothed and plumped, your eyes bright and white and ready to go about your Ibiza day. It’s still your life, just better!

Where and when can I try VitaminDrip®? MedSpa is found directly opposite the Centro de Salud de Vila hospital in Botafoch, and is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am until 2pm, then 4pm until 9pm and via appointments on Sunday. Good news for holidaymakers is that VitaminDrip® can also be delivered to your villa door, with an additional call-out fee for the doctor’s services. In a rush? Pop in during MedSpa Ibiza’s ‘happy hour’ at the shot bar for a quick boost between 6pm and 7pm on Fridays – the perfect pre-weekend energy boost.

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