The new therapy – Yoga Therapy at YogaRosa Retreats

An interesting new style of yoga retreat has landed in Ibiza, taking centre stage at yoga instructor Rosa Klein’s luxurious new YogaRosa Ibiza retreat centre in the heart of the northern Ibiza countryside.

Rosa discovered the impressive benefits of Yoga Therapy over a decade ago following a serious road accident where she almost died, and was left with serious injuries. After conventional medicine failed to alleviate her pain her daughter suggested she accompany her to India for a yoga retreat, and there began Rosa’s personal journey of recovery through an exploration of yoga as a method of recuperation.

Realising this was the way she would heal herself, Rosa returned to India only a few weeks after the retreat and alongside her yoga teacher Pardeshi from the Gayatri Dham Ashram in Sendhwa, she began touring the country, visiting ashram after ashram, with Rosa learning everything she possibly could about yoga. It made perfect sense Rosa was naturally drawn to the Yoga Therapy practice she discovered in India and over the course of the next few months she credits this specific practice with healing her critical injuries and completely eradicating her pain.

Now a certified Yoga Therapy instructor herself, Rosa continues to practice the yoga technique every day to keep the previously crippling pain she suffered at bay, and also teaches this unique style of yoga in order to pass on the wonderful effects to others.

Amazing for rehabilitation, Yoga Therapy is suitable for anyone and everyone who wants to experience general health benefits. The Yoga Therapy process is a natural detox, and students feel renewed energy in the days following the classes. Rosa explains that, when practiced regularly, Yoga Therapy can contribute to a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Yoga Therapy has its roots firmly in the Indian philosophy, and the main difference between Western courses of yoga and Yoga Therapy is that yoga in the West is very much focused on the body, and on getting the right pose. Many people feel they have to do it perfectly to be good at it. Rosa is keen to stress that while she does think Western styles of yoga work, she also believes the standards Western yoga practices ask students to reach are unattainable for normal people with normal jobs. Most people don’t have the time to spend the whole day doing asanas, becoming easily frustrated with the level of difficulty.

In India, Rosa says, a key element of the yoga philosophy that differed from Western ideas is that yoga should not be a competition. Her teachers encouraged her to just try – it didn’t matter if she made mistakes. One day she would get it. There was no pressure. Yoga is breathing, they would say to her. You can’t do anything wrong. You can’t actually go wrong. With Yoga Therapy, you just don’t have take the practice so seriously. You can experience the health benefits obtained through the movements but also relax at the same time. Another difference is that Indian yogis do not touch their students. The idea is that you decide for yourself how far you can go, without being pushed.

Despite the removal of the competitive element, however, at the beginning, Rosa admits most won’t won’t find it easy. You might still think you cannot do it! But after three or four sessions you will get better, after the 10th time you are competent, and after a 10-day retreat at YogaRosa Retreats Ibiza you will officially be very, very good! If you then continue your Yoga Therapy practice each day following the retreat Rosa promises you will not only be skilled at Yoga Therapy – you will also feel the benefits in all areas of your life.

So what actually happens during a Yoga Therapy sessions? Rosa explains there is still a series of asanas – a front asana, a back asana and a knee asana, for example, and there are cycles to repeat as with more familiar forms of yoga, but the whole experience feels a lot more relaxed. The asanas will be very easy for professional Western yoga teachers, Rosa says, but in Yoga Therapy the movements are more important, as they promote the interior purification of all the organs, with a manipulation of the intestine in such a way that it cleans your body on the inside. There is also a specific breathing technique.

Yoga Therapy is for everyone. If you are looking for a rejuvenating retreat, a detox experience, a spiritual awakening or a major lifestyle overhaul, YogaRosa Retreats can assist. So why is Yoga Therapy so perfect for Ibiza? Not just because yoga and Ibiza go hand in hand, Rosa says, but because the island has such a great energy, is such a naturally beautiful setting for this therapeutic practice, and also because Yoga Therapy retreats are particularly great for detoxifying after a few days of hard Ibiza-style partying!

Rosa’s enthusiasm for this wonderful new style of retreat is infectious, and when considering the therapy against the backdrop of her own personal story, it is easy to be convinced that a retreat at YogaRosa will be beneficial, in more ways than one.

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