Ibiza wellness: Yogamewild – Yoga for the world

There are few people who after breaking a kneecap would still consider going to the Himalayas to complete an intensive Yoga Teaching Training course six weeks later. Most would write it off, mourn the loss and reschedule the trip for another time; most would admit defeat. But not Andrea Mondkind of Yogamewild. When this very thing happened to her, she ignored doctor’s orders, tore off her cast, and gently continued with her daily practice until she could walk aboard the plane bound for India. Such is the strength of her spirit; such is her deep devotion to yoga.

For Andrea (who hails from Dusseldorf), postponing the trip to India simply wasn’t an option. Since finding yoga over 12 years ago amid the madness of her then adopted home, London, this physically challenging yet deeply spiritual practice has formed the backbone of her life – in yoga she finds strength, peace and focus. Initially Andrea started with regular Ashtanga classes as a means to escape the pressures of a stressful career through movement and breath, though admittedly that wasn’t a straightforward task. “When I first stepped onto the yoga mat I was a wobbly, uncoordinated mess,” she laughs. “But as my physical health improved, yoga opened the door for me mentally and emotionally. I discovered there’s a whole universe of ancient wisdom and spiritual knowledge out there.”

Having tasted only a tiny portion of the yoga pie, Andrea was hooked, and so began a journey that would eventually lead her away from a career in haute couture and high-end fashion and deliver her to the shores of Ibiza. “The more I practiced and the deeper I dove into the philosophy and lifestyle of yoga, the more fascinated I became with its wisdom and profound knowledge. I began travelling to India and stayed at various Ashrams for yoga and meditation, until eventually yoga became the most important element in my life – it was the reason I got up in the morning,” she explains. “Suddenly being in London started to feel like being in a cage.”

Deciding to call it quits on a life that no longer satisfied her needs she came to Ibiza for a visit and, like many before her, fell in love. “The island simply blew my mind,” she says. “I couldn’t believe how utterly magical it was. I felt like Alice in Wonderland!” At this point she called time on London and moved to the island permanently, launching Yogamewild as a means to teach others about the strength and sense of wellbeing that can be found through the practice of yoga. “I see total transformations in the people I teach,” she explains. “It is so powerful and yet extremely humbling.”

Andrea achieves profound satisfaction from teaching, either at people’s homes or private retreats. Indeed, she says it’s her therapy. During 90-minute private classes she fuses traditional Hatha Yoga with the more demanding Ashtanga Yoga primary series, as well as deep breathing and meditation techniques. A perfectly balanced flow to help her clients feel a little calmer, a little more grounded, and definitely much stronger. “When we change our physical state, we change our emotional state,” she explains. “Our body and mind are in constant communication. I love when clients tell me they can feel a difference immediately after class. This is what yoga does for me, and it is the exact reason I love teaching so much.”

This palpable joy makes Andrea’s classes open and accessible to everyone, from first-time yogis to dedicated pros. “I am super sensitive and very intuitive. I can sense what clients require and tailor my class to suit their individual needs,” she says. “Sometimes it’s a purely physical class (although yoga is never just that), and sometimes I help clients tune into their softer, more spiritual side. She speaks from experience, of course. “Wherever I am and however I feel, when I step onto my yoga mat I am home. This beautiful practice reminds me every day how expansive body and mind are. I wish for everyone to experience this feeling. I want yoga for the world.”

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