YogaRosa Retreats – A therapeutic road to recovery

In typical Ibiza style, the journey to YogaRosa Retreats is more about the overall experience. Forget GPS and Whatsapp pin drops – if you are aware of your surroundings and in the moment, a series of pretty little piles of pink stones will guide you to your destination, a dusty camino off the road between Santa Eulalia and Santa Gertrudis, leading you to a huge set of wooden gates that open up and lead you into an incredible oasis of serenity, deep in the heart of the Ibiza countryside.

Just as the journey to YogaRosa Retreats is an interesting one, even more so is the personal story of founder, Austrian-born Rosa Klein, a beautiful and calming woman who oozes an inner peace.

Rosa’s transformational journey began in 2002 in Mallorca, tragically with a terrible accident that occurred as she was simply crossing the road one day, and a car came speeding from nowhere and knocked her down.

The next thing she knew, Rosa was floating in the air looking down at herself in a hospital bed, having her head shaved and her clothes cut away from her body by doctors. At the time, she felt an amazing sense of peace, joy and calm, as all her fears and anger fell away. All she wanted was to keep flying up, up toward the light. But it was not, as they say, her time, and literally coming back to earth with a bump Rosa awoke two days later from a short coma, with a plethora of very serious injuries including spinal problems and swelling on the brain. After a year of bedridden recuperation her body was still severely traumatised.

It was Rosa’s youngest daughter who suggested she accompany her on a yoga retreat in India. While her doctor had advised against yoga, Rosa felt strongly that this was something she needed to do. The practice hurt her at first, but she persevered with the asanas, and soon she began to feel better than she had done in months. Convinced yoga was the solution for her, Rosa decided to return to India shortly afterwards, this time alone and for a longer period of time.

Accompanying her teacher, Pardeshi, from the Gayatri Dham Ashram in Sendhwa, on another retreat, the duo began to travel around India visiting ashram after ashram, with Rosa learning as much as she could – each time taking different things away from the experience. Much of the time Rosa was the only woman there, and the only European these yogis had ever seen. Pardeshi was tasked with translating all the way but he could not be with her at all times and when he was not, Rosa was able to learn without words but was unable to understand what was being said. On one retreat she discovered later that the infusion she had been taking each morning was in fact the urine of the Ashram holy cow!

On returning to Europe Rosa realised that she was no longer in pain, and that in fact through the Yoga Therapy practice she had learnt on her long trip around India, she had healed herself. She still practices on a daily basis today – without this valuable practice, she finds her injuries begin to resurface.

Feeling a strong desire to return to the Balearics, but knowing that going back to Mallorca would be a regression for her, Rosa wanted to keep moving forward – it seemed Ibiza was calling her. Of course for its beautiful landscape, but for spiritual reasons too. Rosa had heard about the legend of Tanit, warrior goddess of dance, fertility, creation and destruction, protector of Ibiza, and of women. Where better for her to start a new and important next chapter in her life than in Ibiza under Tanit’s watchful eye. Also, according to astrological maps, Ibiza has the scorpio star sign, as does Rosa, and she felt the connection. The sign is said to represent regeneration, metamorphosis, and resurrection so it does seem appropriate.

Today in Ibiza, Rosa shares the benefit of her wealth of invaluable experience, passing on her incredible and unique knowledge to those fortunate clients that come through those big wooden gates to experience Yoga Therapy retreats and drop-in classes. Her undoubted passion for her practice and the desire to share it with her clients is so clear that it is impossible not to be caught up in her enthusiasm.

With a stylish outdoor yoga platform, two swimming pools, two guest houses, a huge, flourishing vegetable patch, many shady, cushion-filled corners, a beautiful banqueting table – just one of the many lovely pieces made from recycled wood – and coloured hammocks dotted around the acres of rolling gardens, RosaYoga Retreat is an unforgettable wellness centre that is the epitome of welcoming, relaxed chic, combined with an overwhelming sense of tranquility and peace.

Places on YogaRosa Retreats are subject to availability – bookings essential. Call +34 608 813 668 or +34 620 378 674 in advance to reserve your place. For information on additional drop-in yoga and meditation classes, or extended retreat stays contact