Ibiza wellness: Yogashala Ibiza – Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training Course

In this day and age, yoga teachers are constantly required to stay up to date with the latest teaching methodologies, techniques and philosophies in order to stay relevant in the wellness industry. Pre and Post Natal Yoga teaching is a skill that not only increases your employability and enhances your professional development, it is also a valuable tool that enables you to make a memorable difference in the lives of expectant and new mothers and their babies.

At Yogashala Ibiza, experienced yoga instructor (known as ‘the teacher’s teacher – read more about her experience and qualifications in this field here) Jacqueline Purnell is hosting an intensive 85-hour Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training module at beautiful learning space The Garden of Joy from April 19 to 28, 2017. The course is also open to midwives, doulas, childbirth experts and pregnancy health professionals – for these participants, previous knowledge of yoga is not required.

“A regular class can’t cater correctly for pregnant women,” explains Jacqueline of the importance of adding this module to your existing teaching experience. “This course allows teachers to learn to accommodate pregnant women in their classes and tailor asanas (postures) for them in addition to hosting specific pre-natal yoga classes for expectant mothers.” Much of the pre-natal work is concerned with keeping your body toned and slender, muscles strengthened and toned, controlling weight and guiding the mother towards an opportunity to have an amazing birth.

“We also educate teachers to host specialised post-natal classes that include the baby,” she continues. “The first six months of a baby’s life is special, and also intense. It is difficult – and in some cases impossible – for a mother to leave her newborn to attend a yoga class. It makes sense, for a teacher to be able to incorporate the baby into the asanas and teach mothers techniques for baby massage.”

There is a huge amount of background work involved in learning to teach pregnant women yoga – first and foremost covering the role of the yoga teacher during pregnancy. Teaching methodology covers a broad range of pregnancy-specific topics, including anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy, diet, lifestyle, ethics and international perspectives. Students receive a detailed overview of physical, psychological and emotional changes and an introduction to the role of hormones, from pre-conception to first year post partum.

Teachers learn to accommodate women in asanas tailored to each of the three trimesters in addition to labour postures for different kinds of births and post-partum poses, with the use of props. Meditation, relaxation techniques, breathwork – during pregnancy and labour alike – and birthing plans are covered, as is baby massage. “Pregnant women are sailing through some crazy waters,” Jacqueline says. “It’s a condition that has a lot of symptoms –new things are cropping up all the time for a pregnant woman, from achey legs to hormonal issues, even pre-natal depression. This course is all about learning to create a safe space for them – be it in a busy general class or a specialised group – and giving them the trust that their teacher understands these symptoms and knows how to respond.”

Trust is a key issue in the course – after qualifying for their diploma, teachers will become the person expectant and new mums can trust alongside their healthcare professionals, as they experience massive, and sometimes overwhelming, changes in their bodies and lives. Jacqueline refers to the relationship between teacher and mother as ‘mother to the mother’ – though, of course you don’t have to be female to qualify to teach!

Jacqueline facilitates this course alongside a host of highly experienced international yoga teachers boasting rich backgrounds (visit the Yogashala Ibiza website for more details) and is also assisted by midwives. Her own interest in the area came from personal experience many years ago. “I was finding it difficult to include pregnant women in my classes when I was teaching in health clubs – if they had paid a membership, you couldn’t refuse to teach them, and I knew then I wanted more confidence and technical information to cater for them.”

Fast forward to 2017, and Jacqueline is a renowned expert in the area of pre and post natal yoga. “I have been teaching pregnant women for a long time now,” she says. “One of the most beautiful things I’ve encountered is when a new mother comes back to my post-natal classes after they’ve had the baby, the baby recognises my voice.” This makes perfect sense, as it has been proven babies can absorb influences such as music in utero, and later on recognise these sounds – or in this case, voices – as something that makes them feel secure.

The 85-hour Yogashala Ibiza Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training Course takes place from April 19 to 28, 2017 at The Garden of Joy on Ibiza’s east coast. The cost of the course is £1795 per person and accommodation is included in the package, offsite in self-catering apartments (10 minute walk from the learning centre), and a daily light brunch of fresh fruit and muesli is also supplied. Ibiza in the spring is a truly wonderful place to experience – in addition to your invaluable training there is also the chance to explore the island during your time off.

As an exclusive White Ibiza reader offer, the first five people to enrol in the April 2017 Yogashala Ibiza 85-hour Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training course before Friday March 3, 2017 will receive an amazing £200 discount off the regular cost of £1795. Contact Jacqueline@yogashalaibiza.com directly to pay to secure your place (quoting White Ibiza). And be quick – spaces are limited!

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