Denise Wolf Psychotherapy

Creating new perspectives

Denise Wolf Psychotherapy

Creating new perspectives

Qualified bi-lingual psychotherapist based in San Jose, Ibiza

From her light-filled space in San Jose, Ibiza-based psychotherapist Denise Wolf gently cajoles self-realisation out of her clients, allowing them to heal from the hurts of life. Austrian by birth and fluent in English and German, Denise’s interest in human behaviour was sparked when she continually found herself as the friend people turned to in times of crisis.

After studying Psychotherapy Science at the prestigious Sigmund Freud University, Denise began practicing in Vienna in 2011, before relocating to Ibiza in 2016, where she specialises in one-on-one and couples therapy. Her soothing voice and gentle manner exude a firm kindness and her client base covers all ages and demographics. Confidentiality is of course guaranteed.

Depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress, burnout, grief, conflict, neuroses, loneliness… the list of reasons to start therapy is almost never-ending, however Denise is an advocate of prevention psychology. She believes self-knowledge allows people to cope better in times of crisis and encourages her clients to participate in therapy before they ever reach breaking point.

While long-term therapy is extremely useful, there are also times when a certain problem needs addressing and this is when Denise engages clients in Lifestyle Analysis, a short-term therapy concept conducted over six to eight sessions. By helping you get to the root of your behaviour patterns, Denise helps you create new perspectives in order to let it go.

Photography by Gypsy Westwood

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