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Business owners and leaders in today’s society are faced with some serious issues, from burnout, stress and feelings of isolation to holding authority and losing sight of their dreams, among others. Dealing with these struggles is paramount to success and here in Ibiza, highly experienced Sa S’en Yin therapist Sharon Loerzer has created a platform designed to do exactly that.

Business Evolution Power gives people the tools to own their authority, establish a healthy hierarchy and encourage growth, inspiration and happiness in the workplace. With a practical, no-nonsense approach, Sharon hosts a variety of short courses and workshops suitable for all types of business leaders in Ibiza. Your position and workplace is irrelevant – your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and actions are everything.

Born in Ibiza, a mother of three and former restaurateur who also boasts over 30 years’ experience as a family therapist, there is no one better equipped to guide you throughout this journey than Sharon Loerzer. One thing is very clear – she is not there to provide the answers to all your problems, rather, to lead you to uncover them yourself via careful analysis of your situation and reality.

In addition to group courses, Sharon consults on a one-to-one basis and creates tailored programmes for individual businesses, which can be done in English, Spanish and German. Working with compassion and always from her heart, discretion is 100-percent guaranteed when participating in Sharon’s truly transformational courses.

Photography by Gypsy Westwood

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