What a girl wants

Ibiza wedding planners Laurie Pecher and Emma Lilley-Hopkins of Ibiza Cloud 9 delve deep into the dreams of Parisian fashion influencer Manon Durst to plan her big day.

What a girl wants

Ibiza wedding planners Laurie Pecher and Emma Lilley-Hopkins of Ibiza Cloud 9 delve deep into the dreams of Parisian fashion influencer Manon Durst to plan her big day.

When you’ve been planning something for as long as you can remember, hindsight can be both a gift and a curse. Because looking back, could you have done anything differently? Was everything as perfect as you had imagined? These questions become particularly poignant in relation to a wedding day, because not only must it live up to expectations, it should also be timeless – forever laying testament to the best day of your life. For Parisian fashion influencer Manon Durst, her dream Ibiza wedding became reality, but she couldn’t have done it without the unparalleled help of Laurie Pecher and Emma Lilley-Hopkins, otherwise known as wedding planners, Ibiza Cloud 9.

“To be really honest, I’d been thinking of this day for many years so I already knew everything I wanted for the wedding,” Manon explains. “But I had no idea it could be so difficult getting married in Ibiza – without Laurie and Emma it would have been impossible.” It’s true, while getting married in Ibiza is an undeniably magical experience, without crucial insider information certain restrictions can be tough to manoeuvre. It’s imperative to have a team of experts on your side, and that’s where a dream duo like Laurie and Emma of Ibiza Cloud 9 come in.

With a background in metal trading, Laurie and Emma didn’t take the typical route into careers in wedding planning, but conversely, that means they’re able to bring even more to the table. They have qualities like efficiency, organisation, and the ability to work under pressure in abundance, not to mention Laurie’s event planning background and Emma’s innate creative flair. This combination of skills truly sets them apart – Laurie takes care of venues, transport, food and photographers while Emma’s in charge of flowers, decoration and lighting. Between them, they tick all the boxes, something Manon was delighted to witness first hand.

“Laurie was incredible at planning,” she observes. “The level of detail she went into was amazing. While Emma perfectly got me in terms of decoration – we were totally aligned and that meant she was able to materialise my decor dreams!” The ability to develop and enhance a brief alongside the client is something Ibiza Cloud 9 are extremely proud of, not least because it brings dreams to life but also because it grants them the ability to showcase some creative wizardry. “Manon had a very clear vision of what she wanted but she was also open to suggestions,” Emma explains. “So we could creatively add things in.”

It takes a certain kind of relationship to entrust someone with the aesthetics of your wedding day, and that’s another key factor of the Ibiza Cloud 9 ethos — building productive communication with clients to ensure they’re getting the very best service available. “We work with people for over a year so we have to develop a friendship of sorts,’ says Laurie. “And we have to understand them and their tastes,” Emma adds. “Everyone’s character provides little clues to what they want, so we like to meet our clients and really get to know them.” Manon agrees that this tactic works: “As a team, it’s fabulous to organise your wedding with Ibiza Cloud 9,” she says. “They really do make dreams come true.”

But of course, no wedding process is entirely without a hitch — there’s always a stumbling block somewhere along the way. For Manon, it came in the form of a last minute change to the wedding day dinner plans and she was forced to make an emergency trip to Ibiza to try and find a solution. But by this point Laurie and Emma had already moved into action to ensure that all would end well in true Ibiza Cloud 9 style. “They did everything they could to find a different venue,” Manon explains. “Eventually we found a solution. They showed real dedication and professionalism, and a real understanding of my psychological states in those moments.”

Manon married her partner, Adrien, in the beautifully picturesque church of Santa Gertrudis, before moving the celebration to Las Cicadas, a private venue transformed by Ibiza Cloud 9 with candlelight, fireworks, singing mermaids and Spanish guitarists – in the end, it was all Manon had ever wanted, and more. “I have no words to describe the ceremony,” she says. “My favourite moment was entering with my husband and seeing all our friends and family partying together – it really was the best day of my life.”

Consequently, she has nothing but praise for Laurie, Emma and the Ibiza Cloud 9 wedding planning service: “They just really understand what a girl wants on her big day,” Manon says. “They adapt to your style; they’re always proposing new things and even with the weirdest demands they try their best to make it happen – they really are perfect.” Looking back, is there anything at all she’d change? “I know this sounds like a cliché but everything went exactly as I wanted it,” she smiles. “I wouldn’t change a single thing.”

Photography by Tali Photography, courtesy of Manon Durst – @manondurst