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 Legado Ibiza Finca Hotel presents Dinner4Friends

Creativity abounds at Dinners4Friends, an all-new dining concept presented by Legado Ibiza Finca Hotel.

In a world that whips wildly around us – in which not everything we see (or believe) can be trusted – creativity is a constant. It’s the truth that grounds us on a daily basis, consistently bringing untold joy. It’s what reminds us we’re alive – we’re not just animals, but free-thinking, spirited individuals who can find beauty, even in the mundane. For Andreas Lackner and Andreas Oberkanins, owners of Legado Ibiza Finca Hotel, it’s the blood that runs through their veins. Unable to neither deny nor resist, it bubbles up from beneath the surface as they bring us hotels of outstanding style and this summer, Dinner4Friends, a brand new dining concept. Located down a dusty dirt track between Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia, Legado Ibiza Finca Hotel was a labour of love from the outset. A project that leapt from the imaginations of both Andreases, it took the skeleton of a centuries-old finca and transformed it into a modern-day masterpiece of eclectic elegance. Inside, it’s all about artichoke wallpaper, hanging antique embroidery, and one-of-a-kind knick knacks. Outside, nature does the talking, alongside a whisper from the swimming pool that glimmers turquoise in the sunlight. In short, it’s the perfect setting for an alfresco dinner party, one that this particular pair were unable to resist.

“We are proud of what we’ve created and we want to share this place and our dream with our guests,” states Lackner. “It might sound strange but smiling guests make us feel like we did the right thing here and that makes us happy.” Indeed, every guest who’s stayed at Legado Ibiza Finca Hotel can testify that the Andreases bring jubilation in droves – so much so that it was hotel guests who originally suggested they move into the dinner party scene. “Absolutely it made sense because it ties into our aim that guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends,” he smiles. “Plus our guests can invite friends from outside the hotel and everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other.” This ethos of forging connections and relationships between new acquaintances forms a fundamental pillar of Dinner4Friends at Legado Ibiza Finca Hotel. Each dinner seats a maximum of 30 people and the atmosphere is relaxed and intimate, with airs and graces eschewed in favour of conversation and laughter. “It’s going to be more like a relaxed family affair than a formal dinner,” explains Lackner. “Everyone sits at one big table and plates and bowls are placed in the middle – people can serve themselves and pass on to their neighbours, just like you would at home.” He continues: “Family dinners always fascinated me and with people from all nationalities dining together it’s so empowering – this is the best way to celebrate life!”

The sense of ceremony is also echoed by the setting at Legado Ibiza Finca Hotel, which changes from week to week, dependent on what’s inspired the pair during the past seven days. “I love to improvise,” explains Lackner. “So the setting could be based on the food we serve as well as beautiful plants I see in the fields or a movie I have seen. We consider details extremely important so maybe one week I’ll incorporate fabrics or wallpaper that I’ve designed or use some old furniture or mirrors – anything can happen!” It’s worth expecting the unexpected, while also remembering that the surroundings of Legado Ibiza Finca Hotel already provide a magical backdrop at all times. “We have lush gardens and beautiful fields with a small olive grove,” Lackner explains. “We always enhance everything with lighting, candles and opulent centrepieces – these are very important details for us because they can change a setting completely. It could be romantic or modern, rural or glamorous but whatever we decide on that week, we can guarantee it will never be boring!”

The same confidence can be applied to the food, which the Andreases hand make alongside Legado Ibiza Finca Hotel’s talented chef. Using local, organic produce where possible, the menu changes weekly but the quality and originality is always guaranteed. Think piquillo peppers stuffed with bacalao brandade to start, vegetable wellington with peppers, kale and beets for main course and fresh fruits served with sweet Viennese surprises for dessert. It’s a mouth-watering feast designed to complement the beauty of the surroundings, and of course, to inspire conversations with people you’ve never met before. “We welcome anybody who’s open-minded and prepared for an extraordinary culinary evening to unfold,” says Lackner. “They’ll dine with strangers but hopefully they’ll walk away with friends.” With this dynamic duo at the helm, that genuinely appears to be the most likely outcome. “Very often we have the impression that serving is seen as a bad job or a burden but that’s not the case for us,” says Lackner with sincerity. “We love taking care of people and making sure they have a great time. This is our life, our passion, our dream, and this is exactly what we want our guests to experience.” Another accomplishment for creativity; a resounding win for us, and all the more reason to experience Legado Ibiza Finca Hotel.


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