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Where science and wellness collide – The Longevity Suite Ibiza

An all-new wellness clinic in Ibiza that uses cutting-edge technologies in sleek and soothing surroundings to achieve mind, body and aesthetic harmony.

The Longevity Suite Ibiza is an all-new wellness clinic in Marina Botafoch that uses cutting-edge technologies in sleek and soothing surroundings to achieve mind, body and aesthetic harmony, guiding you to be the very best version of yourself.

Words: Abby Lowe

The world of wellness is never static; it’s a constantly evolving field that’s researching, learning and developing all the time. And with some of the brightest minds in the world at its forefront, the industry has moved forward at a rapid pace in recent years. Not only has our understanding of the inner workings of body and mind expanded, so too has the scope of new technologies – the inevitable collision between the two means now is the best moment to embark on a life-changing journey for body and mind. In Ibiza, The Longevity Suite is spearheading that movement.

It’s a story that starts in Italy, where The Longevity Suite already has more than 20 outposts of its ground-breaking spas in locations including Capri, Rome and Bologna. The concept, created by cardiologist Dr. Massimo Gualerzi, has been so successful that the brand is now expanding into Europe and beyond, with over 40 branches planned in the coming years. In Ibiza, the high-tech space is located within Marina Botafoch, home to super yachts and high-end boutiques, and it’s already treating a slew of clients hoping to achieve anti-ageing aesthetic improvements, bodily enhancements, changes to mental health or in some cases, a combination of all three.

At the beating heart of all The Longevity Suite protocols is cryotherapy, the ground-breaking treatment that centres on controlled exposure to cold temperatures. The process involves stepping into a specially designed chamber and withstanding temperatures of up to -95 degrees for a period of three to five minutes. The scientifically proven results are staggering: a reduction in inflammation; quick recovery from high intensity activities; a quickened metabolism, and better mood, among many more. A session helps to reduce oxidative stress (an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body), which is pivotal to a longer, healthier life.

It’s for this reason that Dr. Gualerzi developed an approach to anti-ageing that has a strong focus on cryotherapy. The Longevity Suite Method concentrates on three primary pillars: cold, detox and awareness. Cryotherapy is naturally the first step on that path thanks to its proven benefits, but it coincides with nutritional and supplement intervention and intermittent fasting to help eliminate toxins, and finally, mindfulness techniques like meditation and breathwork to reduce stress. The idea is to implement changes on a multi-level basis so that body and mind can improve in unison — with concrete results — one step at a time.

Individual cryotherapy treatments are available in abundance at The Longevity Suite. Whole body sessions are core to the menu, but there’s also the opportunity to embark on a range of other specific sessions dependent on need. Localised treatment, for instance, can reduce muscle and joint pain and lessen swelling in particular areas; cryo fast recovery, in which cryotherapy is given in addition to a specific connective tissue massage, stimulates the mechanical and functional restoration of the musculoskeletal system; and an array of targeted facials mitigate the signs of chronological ageing, sculpt and redefine shape, and add much-needed moisture to the skin.

A range of other facials are also central to the spa’s ethos. Red light therapy has been used to improve skin quality, among other things, for many years but recently its benefits have seen it cross over into the mainstream. At The Longevity Suite, it’s used to reduce signs of ageing by stimulating the production of collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid in the face. The expert team also specialises in urban face detox, which purifies the skin and counteracts the damaging effects of free radicals. Oxygenating, soothing and purifying, it’s as relaxing as it is impactful.

Other body-focused treatments at The Longevity Suite include the mind and body detox. A 30-minute, multi-sensory session that includes LED therapy delivered alongside aromatherapy, binaural music and manual body movements, it restores the feeling of balance, culminating in a profound sense of wellbeing. Meanwhile, the postural treatment includes fascial manipulations, relaxation techniques for muscle and joint tension, visceral and cranio-sacral techniques and postural gymnastics all in order to rebalance the body. And of course, a range of impressive holistic treatments are also available. Think everything from deep tissue massage and sports massage to reflexology and remodelling.

In keeping with The Longevity Suite Method, there’s also a strong overarching emphasis on nutrition and mindfulness. Tailored programmes include a four-week protocol for effective and lasting weight loss that’s supported by top, clinically proven techniques, and coincides with working towards a long-term strategy for maintaining a healthy body. There’s also a two-week sleep better programme designed to implement better sleep while recovering lost energy that spans across cryotherapy, daily smoothies, detox teas and supplements, as well as fitness and mindfulness programmes. Nutritional, fitness and mindfulness protocols can also all be accessed on an individual basis.

Finally, it should come as no surprise that The Longevity Suite has launched its own range of advanced cosmeceutical products that offer all the benefits of the spa’s treatments in bottle form. The Cryo Gently Cleanser removes impurities, tones and moisturises skin uses emollient and softening ingredients to leave skin feeling radiant; while the Cryo Peeling Serum, enriched with 20% of hydroxy acids, activates synergy in the skin renewal process and accelerates cell turnover, gently exfoliating the skin while smoothing wrinkles and minimising pores. There are specialist rejuvenating eye creams and anti-ageing sun creams too, feeding into every step of your skin care routine.

More than just a spa, The Longevity Suite is about implementing actions that allow its clients to live in full health, beauty and mental energy. By offering support at every stage and guiding people to be the best version of themselves, the aim is to help clients reach their highest form of personal potential, not just in the short term. No programme is suggested until a one-on-one consultation has been carried out to define individual goals, and that means that clarity and purpose are always defined, removing all stress from the process. That in itself, is an anti-ageing tool we can all benefit from.