White Hot Passion – All-new healthy holidays


In 2015, White Ibiza teams up with leading Ibiza health and yoga experts Passion Cafe and Hot Yoga Ibiza to offer a new concept in healthy holidays that takes away any restrictions associated with traditional retreats: White Hot Passion. The idea is simple – purchase a four or seven-day package covering your daily yoga and cuisine requirements, then book your own accommodation to suit your style and budget.

Lana Love, creator of Passion Cafes and an avid traveler herself says, “I think many health conscious people who like to go on holiday often face the problem that it’s a challenge to stay healthy, food-wise. Staying fit is not always as hard – you can go for a run, or do yoga wherever you are – but you also don’t always have the luxury of enjoying a beautiful yoga studio while on vacation. Here in Ibiza… now all this is possible!”

“This is not a traditional retreat, where you have to follow a group itinerary and eat the same as everyone else,” says Sebastien Carincotte, founder of Hot Yoga Ibiza. “Here you can choose what style of classes you’d like to practice at the studio and you can choose wherever you’d like to stay, whether a luxury five-star hotel or an inexpensive hostel.”

Whether you’re flying solo or traveling with a group of friends, with White Hot Passion you have the freedom to create your own itineraries and most importantly, are in charge of your own free time, letting you explore Ibiza at your own pace, with our healthy, happy daily influences included.

“Life is about balance,” says Sebastien – who admits to always dining at Passion when he’s looking for something healthy to eat. “Why not discover Ibiza in a balanced way, looking at the other side of the typical coin rather than partying and drinking? You’ll go back to your hometown with more energy and health than when you started!”

Lana agrees. “It’s important that fitness and nutrition are both given attention on holiday. They say ‘abs are made in the kitchen’,” she laughs. “But if your yoga teacher allows it, we’ll also offer you a glass of organic wine with dinner!”

White Hot Passion packages cost 395€ for four days, or 650€ for seven days. So what’s included exactly?

From Hot Yoga Ibiza
*1 yoga class per day – Hot Yoga, CORE 40, Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow and Warm Hatha Yoga classes available
*Use of a yoga mat and two towels during practice
*Small bottle of water per session

From Passion Cafe
*Breakfast including a green juice
*Lunch including a green juice
*Dinner including a glass of organic wine or vitamin water
*Dessert or raw energy bar/ball

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