White Ibiza Wellbeing Holiday, 23-30 June 2014

White Ibiza Wellbeing Holiday

About the retreat: A healthy, holistic and fun approach to Ibiza holidays fusing yoga, cuisine, pampering and style…

With only a limited number of spaces available, White Ibiza Wellbeing Holidays are designed for those looking for a yoga-based escape that also encompasses the very best aspects of Ibiza living.

“I’m excited to show people the ‘other’ side of Ibiza, without the experience having to delve too deeply into those typical preconceived hippy-type notions when it comes to wellbeing!” says White Ibiza director Natalie Chaponnel of the inspiration to host these new holiday experiences. “We want to offer our readers an authentic look at what island life is like for residents – the real ‘inside track’ to Ibiza.”

Ibiza Retreats co-director and Ibiza yoga instructor Susie Howell adds, “Ibiza is a magical place. The idea of a yoga retreat merged with all those insider secrets and local knowledge really is exciting – guests can experience a bit of magic from all the sides of the island! Not just the obvious stuff, but the nature, the soil, the sunsets – they are just brighter than anywhere else.”

When: The first weeklong White Ibiza Wellbeing Holiday takes place from 23-30 June 2014. Spaces are limited, so be sure to reserve your place now so you don’t miss out.