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Who’s set for love?

Blogger Miss W gets behind Wax Da Jam’s Set for Love

Our blogger Miss W shares the story behind a party that proves actions speak louder than words: Wax Da Jam’s Set For Love.

At times, Ibiza can feel like a bubble compared to the rest of the world. While clown-like fake-tanned politicians around the world are making headlines, while gun violence is on the increase, while forests are burning and while refugees flee horrific wars, here on the white isle, life – and the party – goes on, seemingly oblivious. Perhaps that’s part of Ibiza’s global appeal. It’s the proverbial ‘place where there isn’t any trouble’, where you can live and let live, believing love will save the world. But at the end of the day, actions have always spoken louder than words (or love for that matter) and in spite of the mass commercialisation of Ibiza, there are still some amazing people here who contribute to positive change.

George Evelyn, aka Nightmares on Wax, is one of these people and today, he’s inviting us all to join him in making a difference. Set for Love is a very special one-off party with over 30 special guest artists taking place tonight at Las Dalias – from 7pm until 4am – to celebrate the closing party of Wax Da Jam’s 10th anniversary season. But it’s so much more than that. 100% of proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life foundation, to help build water wells and deliver clean drinking water to those in need in India and Africa. Tickets are just 10€ per person, which – compared to club ticket prices around the rest of the island – is a total steal, and to think that every single cent from that investment is going to such a good cause actually shows you how easy it can be to make a difference.

Let me give you a little background information, in case you’re not already aware of the LNADJ charity. Founded in 2010, by long-term Ibiza dweller Jonny Lee, the idea was to draw on the global dance music industry and community to make a positive impact on the lives of children in crisis around the world. Check out the website for full details of the many campaigns that have been run, and are still running, and you’ll see that this is a charity with a true heart of gold. Many of the world’s biggest DJs have been involved with raising funds for LNADJ over the years, and George is known as the organisation’s number one supporter, constantly thinking of ways to contribute year after year and always tying in a conscious, charity element to his Wax Da Jam events.

Here’s a little bit more background – for those who don’t know it. While Nightmares on Wax is indeed a global phenomenon, Wax Da Jam is a party that was born in Ibiza and very much created for the local people of the island. When George Evelyn relocated to Ibiza more than a decade ago, he’d been feeling burnt out, lost and almost ready to throw in the towel on touring. Connecting with Ibiza, and the people here, gave him new motivation and he was inspired to create an event that went back to what making and performing music had originally been about for him – bringing people together.

The party’s first home was at the now defunct Aura and the party was the stuff of legend. People from all corners of the island would congregate in the north, and it felt more like a house party than a club. George described is as people turning up as individuals and leaving as one. It was a really special time in Ibiza’s party history, and when the venue eventually closed down, Wax Da Jam needed a new home. Las Dalias – home of the hippie market, but also to Ibiza’s oldest nightclub (celebrating its 65th anniversary this year) – was the next step, and the party evolved to include more live music elements.

What was once a free party now had a door charge – which is understandable to cover production costs – but George was conscious that if you’re paying to party, some of that money should go to a good cause. This is when he became affiliated with the organisation – the dawn of a whole lot of good donations (clocking up to over £100k so far). In addition to raising money through his events, in September 2018, George and a crew climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for LNADJ and perform the world’s highest DJ set. Afterwards, George could see the ripple effect his fundraising deeds had on people around the world. While he cites the physical challenge as the hardest thing he’s ever achieved, he also became aware that it is easy to make a difference if you have an avenue through which you can raise awareness. Music, of course, is the perfect platform. In 2019, Wax Da Jam moved to Pikes – the location of the ultimate house party – and while the party was free, guests were asked to make a donation. But George still wanted to do more.

The ten-year Wax Da Jam milestone needed to be celebrated and George had the idea to throw one final party at his old stomping ground of Las Dalias. Another event that could bring together locals – those who felt the party scene was changing, or those who felt priced out of the party scene due to the VIP culture – and friends under one roof, feeling one love. His idea was to invite all the resident DJs, musicians and performers of Ibiza under one roof to celebrate – and to ask them to perform for free in aid of the charity. To do it for the love. “There’s a lot of taking going on in this world,” said George in a recent Instagram video. “I think we need a lot more giving.

Let’s set an example. Actions speak louder than words. Let’s bring artists together, have a great time and we can STILL raise money and supply people with clean water. “ Which brings us back to tonight. In an amazing feat, George has gathered together a group of 30 artists who will be performing in four different locations throughout Las Dalias over a nine-hour period. There’s the open-air garden, the chill-out space, the club area and an all-new basement space which will be showcasing Ibiza’s most up and coming talent. In addition to seeing Nightmares on Wax (of course), you’ll also be treated to live performances from Ben Westbeech, Lovely Laura, blondewearingblack and long-time NOW collaborator, Wolfgang Heffner.

The DJ line-up reads like the who’s who of Ibiza: Acid Mondays, Andy Baxter, Andy Carroll, Andy Wilson, Banana Boogaloo, Buckley, Clara Da Costa, Dave Lubin, Davina Moss, Doorly, Eli Rojas, Geogre Solar, Graham Sahara, Lisa Chadderton, Mr Doris, Milou, Mo Love, Noisy Neighbours, Phat Phil Cooper, Pippi and Tatler (Real Gang Ibiza). You can pretty much guarantee this is going to be the highlight of the summer party season in Ibiza – and you certainly don’t need to be a local to be welcomed to the event. In fact, you don’t even need to be in Ibiza to make a difference – if you can’t be at the event, but would still like to donate to the cause, you can purchase a ticket via Resident Advisor and be assure every last cent is going to LNADJ. Or of course, you can also donate directly via the LNADJ website.

I hope Nightmares on Wax, and the Set for Love concept serve as inspiration to all clubs, all promoters, and all artists in the future. This truly is a chance for the people of Ibiza to get together and show the world that that just because we live in a bubble, doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference to those in need – see you on the dance floor tonight! Photography by Elliot Walsh