Ibiza winter: C’an Pilot

If you are looking for an authentic Ibiza dining experience then C’an Pilot is the place to be. The spacious dining room is warm and woody and if you arrive after 9pm it’s also buzzing with a local crowd. Bookings are essential here any time of the year.

The enormous grill at the back dishes out sizzling meats of all kinds including brochetas (skewers) of homemade butifarra, chorizo and morcilla. A firm favourite is the Chuleton de Buey which you grill yourself at the table over hot coals. A carnivore’s delight.

Hours: Open daily (excluding Wednesdays) from 1pm – 4pm and 8pm – 12am
Address: Av. S R Isidor Macabich Av. D, 30, Sant Rafel, 07816, Ibiza
Call: +34 971 198 293