Ibiza winter: Dr. Abi Woodward, Network Spinal Analyst

Dr. Abi Woodward is a qualified doctor of chiropracty who practices Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), an evidenced-based, gentle yet powerful style of treatment that encompasses light touches along the spine at specific places, referred to as gateways. Think of these gateways like the keyboard on your laptop, that allow the system to work through all it is experiencing, and has and will experience physically, mentally, chemically and emotionally.

This is re-organisational living. It’s not set up to fix things. If your system is running clear and reorganised then any magic can happen. Dr Abi says in her experience even the most chronic problems can have miraculous changes with this practice, which takes place all year round in communal sessions set to music in Dr Abi’s San Carlos studio or La Galeria Elefante in Santa Gertrudis.

Hours: By appointment only – call or email to make a booking.
Address: TBC on booking
Email: info@youunlimitedibiza.com
Call: +34 690 196 610