Ibiza holidays

A San Juan state of mind

The Giri Residence intuits your holiday needs

Holidays at The Giri Residence are completely customised to suit each guest, through highly attuned staff and blissful, intimate settings plus just the right amount of that inexplicable northern Ibiza magic.

Set in the heart of San Juan, a peaceful village in the north of Ibiza where there’s little rush to do anything and days slip past in a sun-kissed haze, The Giri Residence is an intimate, five-suite luxury hotel that ushers in a state of blissed-out relaxation for all those who choose to spend their valuable holiday time there. A sanctuary where guests’ needs are anticipated before they’re even aware of them, it makes for a remarkable ambience and memorable stays – with many guests returning year on year.

A unique approach to hospitality – one that swirls around the hotel’s small size and highly intuitive staff – means The Giri Residence can bend and mould to the needs of all guests. In fact, such is the power of this hotel’s amenability that holidays are completely tailor-made according to the client’s taste. If guests arrive in search of total serenity, they’re left to their own devices (with the addition of a courteous nod or spot-on suggestion now and again), or if they come seeking that cosmopolitan buzz Ibiza is famous for, they’re equally indulged. At The Giri Residence, it’s your holiday, your way.

Such a refreshing approach has meant that in the decade The Giri Residence has been open, it’s welcomed a diverse range of clients through its rustic wooden doors. From couples on romantic getaways and families on summer holidays to businesspeople passing through for work and travellers with a penchant for luxury – every guest has their own story to tell. What’s worth noting here is that at The Giri Residence, the reason you’ve been drawn to Ibiza doesn’t matter – what’s important is that while you’re on the white isle, all of your wishes are met, and quite possibly exceeded. For couples, the team might propose spending time at the wonderfully deluxe spa, which can be reserved in its entirety.

Personal training or yoga sessions can also be arranged before spending the afternoon hopping in and out of the whirlpool, relaxing in side by side baths, and then embarking on an Ayurvedic massage ritual from the hotel’s personal therapist. Revived and refreshed, they can retire to their suite, a luxurious but pared-back space designed with requiescence in mind, or head straight to dinner, where The Giri Residence in-house chef rustles up fresh, delicious fare according to mood and delivers it anywhere you may like: in a candlelit cabana in the garden, on the upper terrace with views of the countryside, by the pool or even in your suite.

Families too, feel perfectly at home at The Giri Residence, particularly in The Bourgainville Suite which commands the hotel’s top floor and features ample amounts of space, an airy terrace and stunning views of the surrounding area. In those restless moments, when the kids won’t sit still (which means mum and dad simply can’t relax), The Giri Residence team can recommend a list of the closest, most beautiful family-friendly beaches and restaurants to explore. Tick them off one salty stop at a time, and eventually all that swimming in the Med and soaking up that sunshine results in a fuzzy state of happiness for all.

When you arrive back at the hotel, the chef can quickly prep the kids’ favourite meals so you can send them off to snooze-town, before enjoying your own dinner in peace. If it’s luxury travel you seek, you’ve come to the right place. It’s all about the finer details at The Giri Residence – from spa-like stone bathtubs to sink into (with REN skincare products, and a glass of champagne, naturally) after a long day at the beach and freshly pressed high quality cotton sheets to sink into afterwards, to high speed WiFi, Smart TVs and design details that wouldn’t look out of place in AD. At The Giri Residence, everyone is happy, whether it’s the kids watching cartoons in the mornings, health-conscious holidaymakers enjoying meals made to order or those who need a quiet place to make a conference call to the other side of the world at 3am.

Step outside into the tranquil tropical garden and a feeling of paradise awaits, thanks to private Balinese cabanas, a chill-out terrace with views of San Juan and of course, that heavenly pool. Outside, the charmingly authentic village of San Juan remains as chilled as it was in the 1960s, even when the rest of the island is running on a high summer buzz, and many of the island’s best beaches are within a ten-minute drive. The Giri Residence is conveniently located and yet secluded; traditional yet contemporary; high-end yet relaxed – the resulting combination is what makes the hotel so special. With just five suites, and a loyal base of returning clientele, summer reservations are in high demand so be sure to request your holiday dates soon to ensure you don’t miss out on experiencing the magic.