Be the change you wish to see…


Be the change you wish to see…


Terravita has been leading the way in sustainable and earth-friendly design in Ibiza for over 20 years. The multidisciplinary design studio headed up by architect Jason Watson Todd and a team of specialists is at the forefront of sustainable Ibiza architecture, landscaping and building proving that beautiful homes needn’t cost the earth. Using the latest technologies and the newest materials, Terravita take your renovation or new build from a seed of an idea and grow it into a stylish, energy efficient home, inside and out.

Committed to finding solutions that are both sustainable and convenient for their client’s lifestyle, Terravita follow the principles of two of the most respected design institutions in the world. Passivhaus homes are built to an exacting standard with meticulous attention to detail and certification through a comprehensive quality assurance process. The US Green Building Council monitors the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program – a strict rating system that exemplifies best practice in design and construction.

These days it is impossible to ignore the environmental impacts or our modern lifestyles. Now that new materials and technologies segue so seamlessly into contemporary and traditional styles, there is no reason not to go green. Terravita approach each project – be it Ibiza architecture, a new build, renovation or garden – with creative flair matched by meticulous planning and a penchant for problem solving.

Pragmatism is at the forefront of every Terravita design, ensuring every project fits the personalities and lifestyles of the client. The result is a style synonymous with Ibiza architecture and firmly rooted in contemporary design – one that supports energy efficiency, creating healthy homes and innumerable economic benefits. Terravita’s ethos is the future.

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