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A bohemian beach haven – El Silencio Ibiza

Balearic vibes abound at this lavish yet laid-back beach club on the pretty southwest coast cove of Cala Molí.

Like a diamond nestled between two rocks, El Silencio Ibiza is the Parisian-inspired beach club and restaurant on the sun-kissed shores of Cala Molí where gastronomy, impeccable service, music and art effortlessly entwine in the creation of unforgettable summer days.

Words: Abby Lowe

Hugged by towering, rocky cliffs and lapped by water so clear you can see your toes through it, Cala Molí is a bastion of unspoilt, wild Ibiza. A pebbly cove where the clued-in come to escape the chaos of the island in midsummer, it’s bohemian to the core; the gem planted at the end of the long, winding road. Perched atop its shores is El Silencio Ibiza, a louche and laid-back beach club that’s cut from the same cloth, and by the same hand, as the famous Parisian nightclub of the same name. It’s a place where nature and art interact freely, unbridled by typical boundaries.

Born from the minds of French tastemakers Arnaud Frisch and Antoine Caton, El Silencio Ibiza is now in its third season, already entrenched as a must-visit on the island’s culinary map. Effortlessly intertwining gastronomy, service, music and art, to while away time here is to surrender to the elements, and in doing so to enter another realm of relaxation and creative inspiration. Whether dining in the stylish beachfront restaurant that’s enveloped by the sea breeze; reclining and dining around the laid-back swimming pool beneath palm-fringed parasols; or checking out of reality in the innovative installation space, exploration of the moment is encouraged.

To help guests into that distinctly unparalleled groove, El Silencio Ibiza has enlisted Argentinian chef Mauro Colagreco, previously of highly decorated restaurant Mirazur on the Côte d’Azur, which was awarded three Michelin stars, to run the busy kitchen. Colagreco has designed a simple, seasonal menu inspired by the beach club’s convivial atmosphere; by the Spanish way of life, which whisks him back to the warm embrace of his home country; and by the crystal-clear sea, which while crashing gently into sand and shingle, somehow interweaves with the deepest depths of his imagination, reemerging as a deliciously formed plate.

Typical Spanish traditions such as sharing are dutifully honoured at El Silencio Ibiza with a range of flavour-packed tapas and hearty salads that can be delivered to your table, or your daybed by the pool. Try the now-famous heritage tomato salad — made with Ibiza’s homegrown produce — plus peach, verbena, candied lemons, ginger, almonds and pistachios, or for refreshing respite on a warm summer’s day, tuck into the lush watermelon salad with cucumber, avocado, feta cheese, red onion and coriander. For something indulgent, there’s nothing better than the creamy burrata salad, served with tomatoes, cherries, anchovies and pine nuts. All classics reinvigorated with flourish, these dishes taste best with the sun’s golden rays slicing through the restaurant’s straw-topped canopy.

Raw ingredients are treated with precision delicacy at El Silencio Ibiza. Think classic Peruvian ceviche made with catch of the day, then served with tiger milk and cancha corn; pert oysters served simply with red wine vinegar and shallots; and hamachi sashimi accompanied by local herb ponzu gel, gomasio and toasted sesame. Decadence continues at the grill, with flamed Ibicencan lobster served simply with alioli sauce, salt and lemon so that its natural sweetness shines through, and wood-fired king crab legs served luxuriously with brown butter, trout roe, chives and zesty sudachi sauce.

Continuing his passion for clay-pot cooking, Colagreco uses an ancient-inspired clay oven to breathe a certain smokiness into other parts of the El Silencio Ibiza menu. Sicilian aubergine is baked and served with smoked Scamorza foam, tomato, basil and sweet fried shallots; veggie lasagne is bursting with tasty fillings like spinach, tomatoes, onions, aubergine and mozzarella, and pizza is luxuriously adorned with truffle, fior de latte mozzarella, and spring onions. Toes dug deep into the sand beneath the table, eyes looking out toward the horizon, dining on these dishes, amid the aromas of salt and flame, is like stepping back in time.

Moving onto main courses, fish dishes include grilled turbot with pil-pil sauce, mashed potatoes, olive oil and chives, and extravagant linguini with lobster, with a luxe lobster and saffron fricassee. Cuts of meat El Silencio Ibiza are of the finest quality – try the melt-in-your-mouth lamb shoulder served with Basquaise sauce with olives, meat jus, espelette pepper and fresh herbs, or the butter-soft Wagyu beef sirloin steak with Creole sauce, romesco and shallot jus. Pair with an abundance of sides like grilled sweet potatoes drenched in herb butter, and the mouth-watering spring onion gratin with chunky chorizo and Parmesan.

It shouldn’t need to be said but be sure to leave room for dessert because El Silencio Ibiza boasts one of the most extensive selections anywhere on the island. The churros with dulce de leche, chocolate sauce and whipped cream are hard to beat, but the hibiscus and lemon infused melon carpaccio with Batak’s black lemon sorbet is an invigorating alternative. There’s a touch of Argentinian heritage in the dulce de leche fan, made according to Colagreco’s traditional family recipe – a comforting nod to the past to those who grew up with this sweet treat. Alternatively, sip on a liquid dessert, with a well-curated range of spectacular wines, champagnes and cava also available.

After sunset at El Silencio Ibiza, the lilac skies give way to starlit nights, and guests arrive – whether straight from a hazy beach day or as a pre-party destination – ready for post-sunset dinners in one of the most beautiful destinations in Ibiza. A well-curated soundtrack sets the scene as the venue transforms from day to night – let the Balearic atmosphere and bohemian ambience inspire you. This is Ibiza at its very best, and there’s not a single moment to lose before the summer slips away…