Our Ibiza boats guide offers a carefully curated selection of the best boat charters in Ibiza, become your own explorer from the comfort of your Ibiza boat.

Any island visit just begs for an Ibiza boat ride. By sea so many more secrets are revealed, from hidden beaches to unknown caves, it’s easy to imagine how the first pirates felt as they came around the rocky Ibiza headland in their boats and found the striking red cliffs of Sa Caleta. Become your own explorer from the comfort of your Ibiza boat, be it a luxury yacht, catamaran or sailing boat, and Ibiza will never look the same again.

The White Ibiza Boats Guide is a carefully curated guide to the absolute best boats in Ibiza. Each boat has been selected for its excellent attention to detail and the highest standards in materials used. Choose any of the Ibiza boats in the list and be confident in the quality of not just the boat itself, but also in all the services offered. The boat captains and crew of these Ibiza boats are multi-lingual and come highly trained and recommended. Outstanding catering services and luxury sea toys can also be added to your package when needed, every little detail of your charter has been considered so your time can be carefree.

Once out on the water, the only thing left to think about is where you might go today. Speed across to Formentera with the wind in your hair, and arrive in time for a refreshing dip before lunch in one of the island’s famous beach restaurants. Or take a leisurely cruise around the coastline to an empty cove for private bathing and maybe a picnic onboard your chosen Ibiza boat. Take a spin around the iconic rock of Es Vedra and explore the mysteries of the waters about its base, before anchoring off Atlantis for a sunset cocktail or two. The world is your oyster when you’re in a boat in Ibiza. Happy sailing.

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