Watching an Ibiza sunset is an unmissable Balearic experience that over the years has evolved into a revered ritual.

7Pines Kempinski Ibiza
Ibiza sunset spots 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza
Luxury hotel, restaurants and cocktail bar with Ibiza sunset views.
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Ibiza sunset spots Benirrás
One of Ibiza’s most talked about sunset destinations.
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Cala Escondida
Ibiza sunset spots Cala Escondida
Environmentally sensitive and sustainable beach bar on Ibiza.
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Ibiza sunset spots Coricancha
All-new Ibiza sunset destination offering the finest in Nikkei cuisine and cocktails.
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Cotton Beach Club
Ibiza sunset spots Cotton Beach Club
Incredible hotspot from which to witness the nightly spectacule.
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Es Vedra
Ibiza sunset spots Es Vedra
The source of many island myths and legends.
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Ibiza sunset spots Kumharas
An alternative view of the famous Ibiza sunset…
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La Torre Ibiza
Ibiza sunset spots La Torre Ibiza
Hostel, bar and restaurant with a view to die for.
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Punta Galera
Ibiza sunset spots Punta Galera
Stunning stone formations jutting out from the cliffs.
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Sunset Ashram
Ibiza sunset spots Sunset Ashram
Appreciate the magical sunset moment.
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Each evening so many people flock to celebrate the Ibiza sunset, that dedicated venues have sprung up around prime viewing spots, creating a culture of sun-worshipping destination hotspots. However you like to take your Ibiza sunset, there is sure to be a restaurant, bar, clifftop or beach with the perfect angle, and just the right musical soundtrack to suit your mood or style. Celebrated in company or enjoyed alone, an Ibiza sunset is an unforgettable way to close the day and begin the night.

The actual timing of an Ibiza sunset changes throughout the year, so be sure to check exactly when you’ll need to be in place to catch the moment. Sunsets can take place anytime between 6pm in winter and 9.30pm in the middle of high season. For more popular places in certain summer months, it’s best to reserve a table to be sure of a front row seat. Combining your Ibiza sunset with dinner is a great way to make the most of the show, once the sun has disappeared the sky turns a thousand shades of red and pink and the stars begin to pop out one by one against the night sky.

Ibiza sunset venues choose their chilled-out soundtracks meticulously. Since the early days of Jose Padilla’s Café Del Mar, Balearic DJs plan their records to suit the sun, timing a track to finish exactly as the glowing orb vanishes, so pay attention and listen out for your ultimate sunset tune. Perhaps you prefer silence as you watch? Then head for the hills, literally, and find a viewpoint overlooking the sea, perhaps at es Vedra, or on the cliffs in the west of the island. The White Ibiza Sunset Guide has all the best spots marked out for you to find your perfect Ibiza sunset experience.