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A fine balance – AristoSushi

Masterfully crafted sushi from the team behind Can Domingo, tucked away in the heart of San Rafael.

A taste of Japan in San Rafael, AristoSushi seamlessly weaves Nipponese culinary traditions into a serene Ibiza setting, creating meticulously crafted sushi plates that are as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.

Words: Susie Saldanha McCormack

Like a delicate dance between day and night, the pursuit of equilibrium in Ibiza is an art form. This exploration of balance is deeply ingrained at AristoSushi, an exquisite embodiment of traditional Japanese cuisine in the Mediterranean. Under the expert direction of seasoned restaurateurs Alessandro Barni Spadacini, co-owner of the much-loved San José restaurant Can Domingo, and Guido Roncarati, the legendary bartender at the same eatery, this intimate and inviting restaurant is nestled in the heart of the island, fringed by lush greenery in San Rafael. Within its cosy confines and charming secret terrace, guests are invited to savour the authentic flavours of Japan, where each mouthful encapsulates the essence of balance and harmony.

“Our deep love for Japanese cuisine is what drives us,” Alessandro says. “It possesses a unique essence and a simplicity that sets it apart from other types of Asian cuisine. With just a few elements, extraordinary flavours are created.” He cites the classic sushi bite, nigiri as an example. “Nigiri is just rice, fish and a touch of wasabi,” he says. “It’s deceptively simple, yet the challenge lies in the precision, quality and the perfect balance of the elements. This is the beauty of classic sushi, where the focus is solely on the quality and the preparation. Japanese cuisine demands harmony among its elements and a masterful touch that brings out the flavours.” At AristoSushi, the preservation of Japan’s culinary credentials is a guiding principle, resulting in a menu brimming with incredibly fresh and delicious dishes.

A taste of Japan in San Rafael, AristoSushi seamlessly weaves Nipponese culinary traditions into a serene Ibiza setting.

By sourcing only the finest ingredients for every dish, AristoSushi honours the much-admired culinary and cultural traditions of Japan. “Our organic rice is sourced from a small producer nestled at the foot of the Italian Alps,” says Alessandro. “When it comes to tuna, we only work with the exceptional bluefin balfegó, which is the finest available. Our salmon is always ecological too.” Once they arrive in the AristoSushi kitchen, these ingredients are treated with utmost respect. “It’s about the ingredients, of course, but also about precise craftsmanship and embodying the revered spirit of Japanese hospitality,” says Alessandro. “You feel a very pure happiness with every mouthful, thanks to the accomplished team we work with.”

The AristoSushi menu is a celebration of the timeless appeal of Japanese flavours, textures and presentation, and the results are spectacular. Take the aforementioned bluefin tuna balfegó nigiri, for instance, in which succulent, butter-soft fish is placed delicately on a bed of expertly prepared sushi rice. Other unmissable dishes include the sublime Mediterranean red prawn hosomaki; and the oh-so-sweet soft-shell crab bao bun. Purists will relish the tantalising selection of tartare on offer, from the salmon marinated in ponzu sauce bursting with umami flavours, to the scallop tartare enlivened with decadent Italian black truffle.

Each delicately crafted morsel is enjoyed within the thoughtfully designed space at AristoSushi, which exudes an air of easy-going tranquillity. Bespoke printed wallpaper featuring elegant fish and seaweed motifs sets the mood, while the charming terrace might just be the perfect place for an alfresco date night. Surrounded by the scent of lavender and the gentle rustle of nearby trees, this peaceful enclave in the centre of the island is like a world unto itself. Dine amongst a wonderful mix of locals and savvy travellers, all enjoying the flavours of Japan both in the dishes and in the expertly crafted drinks, with a strong focus on sake.

“Sake is the perfect complement to sushi because it offers a very clean, pure flavour,” says Guido. “We offer it by the glass so our guests can experience this unique pairing. As well as sake, we have a selection of fine wines and sparkling options that beautifully enhance the experience.” Guido’s expertise shines through as he artfully combines sake and Japanese whisky to curate exceptional libations and, given the intimate nature of AristoSushi, the mixologist also has the unique opportunity to engage with guests on a personal level, allowing him to create tailor-made cocktails right on the spot.

The meticulously crafted sushi plates at AristoSushi are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat.

AristoSushi is open for dinner from Wednesday to Monday from 7pm onwards, offering high-end sushi in a relaxed ambience. For those who want restaurant quality sushi at home, the team has spent many hours in search of the perfect take-away packaging, so you can dine in style in your Ibiza villa, apartment or home. Their traditional style Japanese food is brought to you in biodegradable wooden boxes to add an authentic touch to your dining table and each morsel is just as beautifully presented as it is in the restaurant itself. Impeccable food, delectable cocktails, sublime location – AristoSushi has it all!