Ibiza holidays

A soul soothing escape

Es Cucons is a heavenly haven of authenticity

Stylish Ibiza Agroturismo Es Cucons is a heavenly haven of authenticity nestled in the tranquil Corona valley in the north west of the island.

Nestled within the blissfully quiet Corona valley on the way to the north-west enclave of Santa Ines, Es Cucons is a stylish Ibiza Agroturismo that has been welcoming guests from all over the world since its inception in the year 2000. This is the part of the island you should head to if your idea of heaven is the sound of silence, with only sonic interjections from Mother Nature herself, (birds, frogs, cicadas, and rustling trees) as opposed to the four-to-the-floor beats that take over much of the island in summer.

Es Cucons soothes the soul, from the very first minute you step onto the stone path leading you towards the authentic finca and its charming ground – a feeling that once experienced, will never be forgotten. Inside thick, cool walls of the ancient finca, guests find themselves enveloped in a comforting pashmina of calmness. Stop, breathe, feel and reboot as the enchanting ambience of Es Cucons washes the stress from your bones; slowly, you will feel your soul start to sing again. The outside world falls gently away, as must-do lists and pre-ingrained behaviours give way to a feeling of deep, still presence and effortless relaxation. Everything about this enchanting space tells you to stop trying so hard. Just stop. Just be here. Just be.

The owners of Es Cucons experienced that same sense of life-changing calm when they discovered the 16th century finca in 1997. At the time, it was nothing more than a ruin, neglected over the course of a few lifetimes, but the family – who hail from mainland Spain but spent summer holidays in Ibiza for decades – could see its potential to fulfil their dream of opening a boutique hotel on their beloved island. It was love at first sight, and the family set to work restoring the property, breathing new life into the bones of the building and transforming the grounds and gardens into the heavenly Agroturismo it is today.

Fast-forward 19 years and Es Cucons is both world-renowned yet somehow still considered an insiders’ secret, due to the word-of-mouth nature of recommendations and the discreet nature of its clientele. With only a handful of double rooms and exclusive suites, the hotel is quick to book up each summer, with most loyal guests returning year on year, considering the hotel their Ibiza home away from home. No two rooms are alike, with details such as chill-out areas, claw-foot bathtubs, private sun terraces and even outdoor showers giving each space a sense of unique character. Warm, personal service is all part of the package – many of the team members at Es Cucons have been in the hotel’s employ for years.

On the cusp of the summer season every year, when the weather is blissfully warm but never too hot, Es Cucons is also the chosen venue for a selection of inspirational and transformative retreats. Leading wellness practitioners, nutritionists and yoga teachers from all over the world bring groups of like-minded people to Es Cucons to be immersed in the hotel’s deeply restorative ambience. The yoga deck and the private log cabin with sauna, spa and plunge pool is set a short distance away from the main building of the hotel, guaranteeing blissful ‘me-time’ in the middle of nature, while the hotel kitchen can accommodate nurturing meal programs to suit the style of retreat.

Speaking of the hotel restaurant, it’s here that Ibiza residents also get the opportunity to enjoy some of the Es Cucons magic – the space is open to the public (via reservation only) for lunch, dinner and special events such as barbecue evenings and tapas nights. Head chef Cristian González Expósito is at the helm of the kitchen, serving up a creative menu, plus daily specials, inspired by his love of fresh, seasonal and local Mediterranean organic produce. Whether it’s a luxe lunch, a romantic date night or a fun celebration with a group of friends, the magical garden dining space is an unforgettable setting.

The true attraction of Es Cucons is its feeling of authenticity. It takes you back to the Ibiza of old, where a laid-back ambience is fused with luxurious home comforts to create a heavenly haven unlike anywhere else in Ibiza, or indeed, the world. It’s a place where well-travelled families holiday side-by-side with supermodels, business people and creatives from all over the world; a place where everyone is equal, everyone is welcome, and everyone is treated like family.

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